Nearly 8% of Americans already own an Apple Watch

“Fluent Research recently conduced an interview with over 2,500 American’s nationwide and determined that the Apple Watch is nearly 8% of American’s already own an Apple Watch,” Abdel Ibrahim reports for WatchAware. “The survey asked users why they purchased one as well as various other questions regarding usage. Interestingly enough, Fitness was one of the top reasons why folks purchased one.”

Here’s what else they found:
• Three in five users said they plan to upgrade their Apple Watch when the next version is released
• Those who currently have an iPhone are likely to purchase an Apple Watch within the next year
• The public is not completely sold on the idea of whether or not the Apple Watch will be a useful product in about a decade
• Health and Fitness is the number one reason people are buying Apple Watches (80%)
• 75 percent use their Apple Watch for listening to Music, while 61 percent use it for Apple Pay

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, on average, every 12th person or so that you pass on the street in the U.S.A. is wearing an Apple Watch. That’s first generation, no less.

Eleven people wasting their time and one person efficiently moving through their day armed, literally, with their Apple Watch, not craning their neck, fixated on their iPhone display, saving bits of time here and there that really add up to a significant chunk of time by the end of each day.

1 out of every 12 Americans already has an Apple Watch. Quite the “flop,” huh? 😉

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  1. Go do a random sample by looking at peoples wrist, not conducting an interview.

    If you queried 2500 people on how many have an IQ over 110 you would probably receive over an 80% affirmative response.

  2. My guess is Apple will achieve 100% sales growth with the Apple Watch 2, equaling around 70 million sales. In the first year of existence the Apple Watch generated as much profit as Facebook did in their last four quarters. Since the Apple Watch business is growing much faster than Facebook’s business, I believe the P/E of the Apple Watch business should be double that of Facebook. This means the Apple Watch business should be worth $480B. Currently, investors think the Apple Watch is a flop, which means it has a P/E of zero. Investors have a lot of catching up to do.

    On a side note: The Apple Watch proves Apple can still innovate and is way ahead of the curve. This proves the DNA of Steve Jobs has not left the building. Last night I was surfing YouTube and came across this video of Steve Jobs showing the features of the NeXT Computer. In 1992 this system was light years ahead of everybody else. The point is, investors have wrongly discounted the future of Apple with no Steve Jobs. The Apple Watch and are other Apple products prove Apple is doing just fine.

    For your viewing pleasure, Steve and NeXT in 1992:

  3. Baloney! I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Apple products can be seen everywhere; but I have never seen even a single person wearing an Apple watch.

  4. Apple fanboys will glom onto anything that supports their own delusions. Apple has refused to reveal Apple Watch sales data and no “statistics” can prove actual sales data. Pathetic fanboys.

  5. Has to be a completely bogus figure. 30 Million teens to middle age adults owning Apple watches… …i.e., that would have to be something like 16% of these demos to hit 8% of the population??

    No way. I know many hundreds of people in all walks of life (many making decent money) and ONE (a niece) has one. And I’ve seen maybe 3 or 4 others “in the wild” in the last year.

    Nor do I recall $15B (average of $500 with watches and accessories) showing up in the “other” category in recent quarterly reports.

    I repeatzzz: No way. Period.

  6. Mac Daily News: “So, on average, every 12th person or so that you pass on the street in the U.S.A. is wearing an Apple Watch. That’s first generation, no less.”

    Gee, I didn’t even see the invisible model announced. The headline debunking this hokum should be “The King’s new Apple Watch.”

    For shames, MDN….

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