At Apple, ‘Pro’ is the new normal

“Apple’s latest 9.7-inch iPad Pro changes the tablet game. While it continues to sell an iPad Air and iPad Mini, it’s crystal clear the Pro tablet range is now Apple’s main attraction,” Jonny Evans writes for 9to5Mac. “Apple saw that as tablets become more commoditized it needed to reset its place in the industry. That’s precisely what the company is doing as it refocuses its iPad arm around one magic word: ‘Pro.'”

“Pro is not about tablets with which to consume digital experiences. It is about tablets you use to create those experiences,” Evans writes. “This isn’t hyperbole – you only need to ponder Apple’s move to ensure most iOS users are on the latest chips. There is a connection between increasing levels of computational power in mobile devices and the company’s future platform plans.”

“That’s why I think the company should introduce an iPad Pro mini,” Evans writes. “I think it will be the best reporter’s notebook I’ve ever used and I can’t wait to see it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPad mini Pro? Hmmm… Any takers?


  1. This guy obviously doesn’t do any real work. An iPad Pro is still just an iPad with a cut-down operating system with no capacity for real work except in very limited cases.

    All this talk of iPads replacing computers is, at this point, farcical. If Appl were to discontinue the Mac tomorrow, 95% of Mac users would buy a Wintel box to replace their Mac. Those who can survive on the el-cheapo limited tablet os have already moved to an iPad or an android tablet. But Mac sales continue to grow.

    How nice for you if your work allows you to do everything on an iPad without tearing your hair out. Just remember, some of us have proper jobs and we need proper computers.

    1. Not sure what you consider a “proper” job, I’m an IT consultant who works with primarily clients with Windows servers and desktops. I’m on day 3 of just carrying a 9.7 iPad Pro, instead of my normal 11 inch MacBook Air. So far so good. The keyboard and pencil are helpful, but what has made this better than when I tried to make the switch years ago are the apps. Apps from solar winds and Dameware finally seem to get the touch interface, even Microsofts IOS RDP app is a pleasure to use now. The ever improving app experience, along with seemless cloud storage, will I believe, show a lot of people with ‘proper’ jobs that they don’t need a full blown PC after all. Will I be selling my 27inch iMac anytime soon? No, but I find that I’m using it less and less.

  2. I for one would love an iPad mini Pro. Use my mini a LOT as I can bring it everywhere. It doesn’t replace my iPad Air 2 but it certainly holds its ground when it come to portability. Plus – I can easily hold it in one hand.

    1. Work is overrated, espeicially by those who are forced to perform it. (Oscar Wilde)

      Give me the tools to perform my job, and I’ll sing your praises to the high heavens. Cater to a different guild, and I might sing a more sour tune. (Willa Cather)

  3. Yes and yes!!!!

    I prefer the mini form factor. Is just like carrying a book. Much easier to handle and tote. My only complaint is that Apple’s making it second string, so whenever I buy one, it it missing the latest cool new feature!!

    We all know Apple could engineer it’s new tech in both, like in the 6S and 6S Plus, but they aren’t yet commited to that. I think you should be able to get roughly equal products with roughly equal chips in whatever form factor you prefer or that serves your lifestyle. The market will always choose the winners in the end.

    Come on Apple. Stop holding back the good stuff from the mini!! Top chips and top features yesterday!!

  4. While I’m buying the cellular Space Gray 256GB 9.7″ iPad Pro this month, I would also buy a similarly speced A10X iPad mini Pro in the Fall. I’m a new iPad sucker except for the 12.9″ models.😝😱😜

  5. So…. can we get some new Mac Pros already?! I just love how suddenly they seem to take the word “Pro” seriously in everything but their products which Pros actually give a damn about.

    1. Oh and while they’re at it, I’ll take my macOS “Pro” please. You know, the one that has all the features you guys took out over the last several years.

  6. Slapping the label “pro” on iOS devices marks the decline of Apple from a customer-focused company to one led by marketeers. We all know what Jobs had to say about that.

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