Where is Jony Ive?

“Last week, Apple unveiled a new (well, a smaller version) piece of hardware, the baby iPad Pro,” Matthew Hussey writes for TNW. “Ive would, from the inside of a perfect white cube, espouse the virtues of the product using phrases such as, ‘Good is the enemy of great,’ ‘The memory of how we work will endure beyond the products of our work,’ and, ‘I want to see a problem solved in a way that acknowledges its context.'”

“But last week, he was strangely absent. He wasn’t even in the auditorium. Long time Apple observer John Gruber said, ‘As far as I could see, Jony Ive did not attend today’s event. He never appears on stage, but I’ve always seen him in the audience, usually seated next to Laurene Powell Jobs.'”

Hussey writes, “Taking a quick look at Apple’s YouTube channel, there’s not even a hint of Ive’s face on white background. In fact, we have to go back six months to find his video on the Apple Pencil.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A 9.7-inch iPad Pro or the iPhone SE simply doesn’t warrant Apple’s industrial design guru’s presence. He’s already introduced these designs. We imagine he’s working on next-gen products or taking a well-deserved break.

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  1. It’s bad enough when the CEO of the worlds richest company is on stage to announce a new make of watch band (woven Nylon) without Jony telling us how fine the ‘new’ nylon yarn has been made or how many litres of sweat it can evaporate per sq cm or how they’ve taken a Pro and made a mini Pro.

    ‘nuf said.

  2. I believe what was introduced was a buisness decision strictly….. Nothing worthy of design prowess …. Not something ives would have been proud of…
    Iphone SE.. Is an old design… With shiny dimond cut edges removed ( something ives so proudly presented years ago.) that missing element from otherwise an identical design was done for cost saving .. Not esthetics…
    Ipad pro (pro in apples shallow definition of pro, they even put 2 gigs of ram less in 9.7 than from the the 12 inch pro tablet ) has nothing new in the design department… Nothing.
    Why should Ive associate himself with such presentation.. What’s there for him to feel proud… The Straps( some ware realy nice though, but not enough)….. Nope i would not have shown up either… Specially if internally there has been a disagreement/fight about iphone SE design …..
    He has a reputation as the top industrial designer in the world to maintain.. And has the power at appls to say (FU) to those who probably went agead against his wishs with the iphone SE decisions..
    At least the above is one angle to look at it from…

    Or maybe he had the flue or a headache.. Lol

    1. So then the question becomes: Why hasn’t Jony Ive been designing anything over the last year (or more), that he would be proud to present September 2016? I have an idea that he is about to quit, or is ill, or had an accident. Could it be an in-house battle between Jony Ive and 2014-newbie (also design-y) Angela Ahrendts?

  3. Am I the only one who thinks that this latest event was a low-key introduction? First, off, the announcement for it came barely two weeks in advance; they did it on campus, everything about it was very low-key (compared to WWDC or the Fall iPhone extravaganzas), it was barely a step above making the announcement only on the web site.

  4. Ive has been grossly overexposed in the past few years. What was once a novelty is now a parody of itself. Keep Ive doing the designing and get better faces for the company in front of the camera. Federighi is fine, Schiller is ok but getting boring, Cook is just terrible onstage, no presence.

  5. I lasted about 4 minutes of the webcast – at which point I switched it off – to watch later – when I could use the fast forward to just pick up the key points.

    I’m afraid gone are the days when the webcast or the running commentay from MDN would have me sitting at the Mac for the whole presentation.

    I wonder if that is reflected in the streaming numbers.

  6. Ive has done his time.
    Ugly flat icons
    Nice new but non-pro Mac Pro
    Useless hyper-thinness
    For such a tremendous salary, a boss could ask more from his employee…

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