Opera tests first desktop Web browser to include built-in ad blocking

“Competing browsers like Chrome or Firefox assign plugins like AdBlock Plus the task of blocking ads. But with Opera’s 37.0.2162.0 developer build for Mac OS and Windows, it’s baked right into the software,” Mark Hachman reports for PCWorld. “Opera claims that turning on the ad-blocking feature can cut page load times by a whopping 90 percent, which PCWorld confirmed using a test build. ”

“Google’s business model depends on selling online advertising. But with a business model that doesn’t depend on it (and less than two-percent market share), Opera can afford to lead the charge against intrusive or annoying web ads,” Hachman reports. “What we don’t know is what the Web will look like when users block ads and ‘free’ content providers restrict access in retaliation.”

“Browsing sites like PCWorld.com while blocking ads prevents that site from receiving ad money that would pay for the site and its content. (Full disclosure: IDG, the parent company of PCWorld, is running tests on Greenbot.com, where users who are running an ad blocker will receive messages asking them to turn it off to support the site. Other sites have simply refused to serve content to users who use ad blockers)” Hachman reports. “This week, the International Advertising Bureau’s research lab released a guide to engaging with ad blockers, as well as a script that IAB clients can place on their Web sites to detect their use.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Due in part to ad blocking, the shift to mobile (where ads pay less than on the desktop), some decline in desktop CPMs, and other circumstances, we’ve been forced run some advertising that we’d rather not have to resort to running in order to pay the bills.

We hope this is a temporary situation as we’re working on various means to get back to fewer, more tech-oriented ads. To everyone who’s been patronizing our advertisers to support MacDailyNews, a BIG THANK YOU as it’s helping us toward our goal of minimizing ads!

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  1. It’s the danger and distraction of ads that bothers me.

    My ideal ad blocker would:

    1 – completely block malware ads.
    2 – stop all animated ads.
    3 – display the non-malware ads and stilled animated ads at 50% opacity.

      1. Some kind of sandbox where the ads are actually downloaded and destroyed. Downloaded so the site gets credit for them. Destroyed so they don’t do any harm.

        I’m talking about the malware ads that Forbes famously served up recently. I actually don’t mind ads if they don’t dominate the screen.

    1. Whenever I’m introducing ad blockers to someone who didn’t know about them, I use macdailynews.com as the before and after example. I wish it wasn’t that bad, so I could unblock them on this site. But there we are.

  2. 99% of Ads are ugly eyesores that slow down page loads, carry malware loads, and track visitors without their permission. I dislike them on nearly every principle. And I sympathize with websites needed to make a buck to keep the lights on.

    Then there is Apple’s website that is one giant ad. It is a work of art.

    Seriously, the ad business needs to get its act together; If ads were pleasing and free of malware = Ad backers would not exist!

  3. NO actually. Opera would NOT be the first web browser to include built-in ad blocking.

    iCab is the first web browser to include built-in ad blocking. It’s not universal ad blocking, but it is the first in incorporate it:


    10 features, that you don’t find in other browsers

    1. Filtering advertising banners and much more

    iCab can block undesirable images, it can also prevent pop-up windows containing advertising from opening automatically. It is very easy to modify these filters. Simply control-click on any image you wish to block in the future. Also many other settings can be automatically configured based on the URL of the page you’re visiting, so you can have individual browser settings for different web sites. . .

    That’s one reason I’ve been PAYING for iCab for years. Thank you, as ever, Alexander Clauss!

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