Cutting the ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer on Final Cut Pro X

Game of Thrones is the biggest show on the planet right now, so when I got the opportunity to cut the first teaser trailer for season 6, I leapt at it,” Thomas Grove Carter writes for

“What resulted was a dark and ominous tease which has racked up over 22 million views and set forums and comment threads alight with joy, frustration and wild speculation (as with anything Game of Thrones related),” Carter writes. “I worked in Stockholm at Gangsters Postproduction with the director Rûnar Ingi and a producer from HBO. The real challenge of the edit was balancing the mood and atmosphere while building tension across the piece.”

“My edit also had to fit in with HBO’s existing post pipeline, which meant I had to deliver the final edit as an Avid sequence,” Carter writes. “But because of it’s speed, flexibility and general excellence I still decided to cut the spot in Final Cut Pro X.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For editors who’ve really used it, Final Cut Pro X is the professional non-linear editors tool of choice.

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  1. As somebody in the comments to the original article said, it is always good to see FCP X in some high-profile work!

    For me, it has been three years. I can’t imagine switching to any other tool (FCP 7, Avid, Premiere).

  2. FCP is the editor of choice for SOME editors. A lot of people hate it with a passion. A lot of people hated the early versions and left FCP for good.

    Whatever you say about FCP, this was a marketing disaster of epic proportions for Apple.

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