Amazing ‘Liquidmetal’ iPhone 7 concept shows what Apple’s next-gen iPhone could look like

“The iPhone 7 could be completely waterproof and charge wirelessly, according to one new concept revealed this week,” Jeff Parsons reports for The Mirror.

“Industrial designer Herman Haidin has taken a stab at predicting the next version of Apple’s handset and reckons the American tech giant could use a material known as ‘liquidmetal,'” Parsons reports. “Apple acquired a patent for liquidmetal back in 2010 and uses it to make the small SIM ejector tool that comes in each iPhone box. The material itself is a type of alloy that’s tougher and more water-resistant than typical aluminium.”

“In the concept, Haidin envisions the iPhone 7 as a mere 3mm thick with a body formed of glass and liquidmetal,” Parsons reports. “In order to get to this level of thinness, the concept ditches bulky ports such as the Lightning charging port and the 3.5mm headphone jack.”

On desktop, right-click on video to view full screen:
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Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: At 3mm thin, it’d need to be made of Liquidmetal or “bendgate” would actually be a real thing.


    1. Exactly: fingerprint reading on display will not be possible for many years. And totally borderless displays will not be available for even longer.

      Liquid metal will not be option for iPhone 7 at all; Apple just introduced new super-sturdy aluminium alloy in 6s/6s Plus, and this advancement was not made to last only one generation. LM is still way to pricey.

      Otherwise in terms of theoretical UI ideas, this demo is good.

  1. Sorry but this obsession with thinness is dumb!!!!

    We could have an iPhone that has more battery life and a headphone jack that’s compatible to the vast array of accessories that we already have. However, it looks like we won’t because for some unknown reason someone at Apple believes that a thin phone is what we want.

    If the rumors are true then I’ll be holding onto my 6S plus longer then I’ve kept previous iPhones. At least I finally got the big screen that I wanted along with a very good camera.

    1. Ha ha you dont know much, Tim Cook runs the company its Jonny Ives and his design team that come up with the products!!! What they say goes they the most influential and powerful teams within Apple.

      1. In all fairness, the critique of Cook is his incompetence at rolling out product improvements, not his personal choice to pursue sodomy.

        As a formerly happy Mac owner who now spends increasing amounts of time troubleshooting, I think the criticism is fully justified.

  2. I think apple is missing out on a huge opportunity here. The yield of liquid metal production, as projected through 2018, will increase 20-fold provides that an appropriate amount of R&D is continually allocated. Apple must also scale the production to account for iPad minis which are also rumored to be using this metal. But if you factor in demand from Indo-China, the entire equation is bust!! Apple will be doomed unless they re-direct all of this spending towards acquiring payday loan companies. That is the only way they can continue being profitable.

  3. “bulky ports such as the Lightning charging port and the 3.5mm headphone jack”

    I’m sorry, but those are not bulky. We don’t need a phone with so little battery that there’s no room for those thin connectors. It is even going to suck more battery to send a Bluetooth signal for audio. Advancing the tech is okay; doing it in the name of so thin it is unusable is not.

    I *DO* like the full screen shown in the video. I would love to see that concept finally realized.

    1. If I was rich I would not need a case. Alas, I need the technology but on a budget. My phone probably could survive dropping from a plane. People think “thin” shows engineering feats of magic. And, it does. But yea there have to be diminishing returns on thinness at some point. There are a least two battery pacs for the phones and tons of quick chargers. I took a large lithium battery on my last vacation. Though that was for the laptop. But it works with the phones too. Just a USB connection.

  4. For people who don’t like the new and newer “thin” iPhones, then they can just buy a “slap on the back” battery pack; there.

    For Samsung, I can only say, goodbye to the high end phones.

    1. You can bet that Apple won’t be breaking out the sales of its iPhone Hunchback kit in then next quarterly report.

      Apple has lost touch with its users if it continues to eliminate usability in a vain effort to make its devices thinner.

  5. FTFA: “The material itself is a type of alloy that’s tougher and more water-resistant than typical aluminium.”

    Tougher I get, but more water-resistant than typical aluminium?

  6. Heck, I could create a concept video showing a tricorder that can instantly detect cancer or any other disease just by waving it over the patient.

    Creating a working tricorder, well that’s the hard part.

  7. I hope apple design and ui team are taking some notes! And not getting stuck in the apple box.

    After all steve always said think out side if the box right .. And razor like focus…
    The concept exhibits both !

  8. It’s so nice to be a “designer”. You don’t have to take reality into consideration. 3mm iPhone with wireless charging? I’m sure that’s possible and Cook & Co. are just lazy!

    But hey, MY design is better – it’s 0.3mm, you can roll it into a joint if need arises, it charges in 1 second via sun energy enough to keep it running for three months, has 1 TB memory and 8K resolution, and it doesn’t need the fingerprint reader because it recognises your DNA! I’m such a great “designer”! Mr Haidin has NOTHING on me.

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