Monica Lewinsky launches anti-bullying emoji keyboard for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

“Cyberbullying, trolling, and online harassment can ensnare public officials and celebrities but also private citizens, whether teens or college kids or adults. Thousands of people are bullied online—daily,” Monica Lewinsky writes for Vanity Fair. “For World Safer Internet Day on February 9, it’s worth considering not only the many ways people can feel unsafe online but also new methods to help limit abusive behavior—or, at least, to blunt the emotional fallout.”

“Support — whether it’s from friends or strangers — matters. Trust me on this,” Lewinsky writes. “In today’s world, particularly online and especially for younger people, support—knowing you are not alone—is vital and can even save lives.”

“Last year a survey of 5,000 teens from around the world revealed that young people often struggle to find the right words to use when a friend has been cyberbullied. Of those surveyed, 20 percent admitted to having been bullied online themselves, and twice that number said they had had friends who had been harassed,” Lewinsky writes. “Enter the #BeStrong Emoji Keyboard App…”

Monica Lewinsky's #BeStrong Emoji Keyboard App
Monica Lewinsky’s #BeStrong Emoji Keyboard App

“A while ago, I had the opportunity to pitch this idea for the anti-bullying support emojis (which a friend and I cooked up over dinner one night), to Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies,” Lewinsky writes. “The free keyboard app is available for download beginning on World Safer Internet Day, February 9, in the iTunes App Store…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The #BeStrong anti-bullying keyboard is available via the App Store here.

We almost downloaded it, but decided to save the 24.7MB. Close, but no cigar.


  1. Please. Lewinsky is not a victim of “cyberbullying.” At the hands of a serial rapist, she willingly succumbed. She was proud of her “affair” until she got caught. Some crappy emjoi collection isn’t going to change anything.

      1. Lewinsky is just another in a sad, long line of sexually harassed or raped women who were scapegoated, called “bimbos” and much worse, by the proven liar Hillary Clinton as she attempted to cover for her serial rapist, serial sexual abuser husband and meal ticket, Bill Clinton.

      2. Or, was she a gifted person who was recognized by the White House for her ability to do so many things that she rose to the position of, being in the room with the man who by all measure is obviously a man, and as such, can be certainly moved by a woman who was certainly a woman and has some physical or emotional gift? (can’t get there with just a body). She has NOT proven herself to be small or weak. since the information came out about her,, so, judge him as you will. But do not judge her based on rising to the position that so many wish they could, just shy of the president (not really shy, and apparently her mouth was above his “highest power”or at least around it…)

        would you be so strong as to fsck the head of the nation? or would you stop with the cigar?????

        Hypocrites all, who condemn a person of sexual nature, we are all if you admit it or not

        shame on shame

        1. I thought “No, means No!” or did that expression come out after the Lewinsky/Clinton tryst?

          Bottom line, she was NOT a gifted person who was recognized by the White House for her ability to do so many things that she rose to the position of, being in the room with the man who by all measure is obviously a man… BUT she was a young, free thinking adult who seemed to not honor the sanctimony of marriage and found herself next to a man who apparently, based on past history of women coming out of the woodwork, couldn’t keep it in his pants! But that’s just how I see it! YMMV…

    1. You guys are a hoot! Way to twist everything into some unrecognizable form of the actuals events. Meanwhile, President Reagan had no knowledge of the highly illegal Iran-Contra affair and Bush and his cronies did not authorize torture and other violations of international law or lie in order to start a war in Iraq. Way to focus on one side of a whopper of a tall tale.

    2. If you guys were even half as “fair and balanced” as you like to believe that you are, then we might be able to have a reasonable conversation and reach some compromises. Until then, go squat in your far right extremist corner and fondle yourself.

      1. Do you honestly think that if she hadn’t made the mistake 20 years ago then, that she would be in the news for releasing an app now?!? I’m sorry but anti-bullying emoji keyboard is up their with Twitter hash tag diplomacy coming from the State Department. I call it well meaning stupidity and leave it at that.

  2. Check out her TED talk on Public shaming and Bullying. Politics aside she really brings light to what our kids are up against today. Man! it ain’t like when we were kids. Back in our day you could walk around and avoid that dick that was gonna give ya a wedge. Now that dick is 2 mouse clicks away from messing with your life.

  3. I hear that Moanica is going to vote repubican this time cause the demoncrats left a bad taste in her mouth.

    Considering her nationality I take the “Trust me on this” to be taken with a grain of salt and very subject to interpretation.

    A lot of those emojis look like the posture for arm wrestling and the hearts looks like a missed hand shake, indicative of those who still use the “aim for Bin Ladin hit Saddam Hussein” missile guidance system.

    All Moanica needs now to do now is start a war on cyberbullies though a war of cyberbullies would be more patriotic it really doesn’t matter which on, as long as there is a war, after the election of course.

    Oh I better put the /sshjtt (short story, humor joke, tall tale) tag just to be clear.

  4. I fail to see how these emojis stop or prevent bullying – they only seem to convey sympathy or empathy to the victim. I would imagine bullied kids gang up and pounding a bully be more effective.

  5. I just need to say something here about Monica: At 21 or 22 years old, she was not being taken advantage of, she know what she was doing and I’m sure she said things like “I blew Clinton!!!! OMG!”

    1. She was found out by talking to an agent of the Republican party, who went public with the information to embarrass Bill Clinton. You could say, she’d have never had a problem if she knew how to keep her mouth shut.

      But it did make her famous. Who would have even heard of her without the fame she gained by bragging to Linda Tripp?

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