Why Apple’s releasing an ‘iPhone 5se’ instead of a 4-inch iPhone 7

“Holdouts awaiting a modern 4-inch iPhone have a lot to look forward to with the expected iPhone 5se next month,” Zac Hall writes for 9to5Mac. “A mix of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s technology in a one-hand friendly, iPhone 5-sized case.”

“While 4-inch iPhone fans will likely be plenty happy with the iPhone 5se next month and the mid-cycle release is an interesting new strategy, a 4-inch iPhone 7 released in the fall alongside the expected 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch upgrades with comparable specs would simplify the buying decision for me,” Hall writes. “Here’s why I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.”

“It’s all about average selling price, and Apple has found itself cornered,” Hall writes. “For years now, iPhones have sold with similar pricing structures. Without factoring in contract subsidies and financing plans, $649 gets you the base model flagship iPhone, spend $100 more to increase your storage or another $100 to increase it further… A truly new 4-inch version of the iPhone 7 would need to cost less than $649, like be priced at $549, and have the side effect of lowing the entry level price for a brand new flagship iPhone. Maybe Apple could pull it off as a private company, but Wall Street would surely have a fit if Apple intentionally lowered the iPhone’s average selling price.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The amount of meh engendered here by the idea of this “iPhone 5se” is limitless. Hey, Tim, if this is really what it’s going to be, why not just call it the “iPhone Performa” and be done with it?

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  1. Insanity — that is the word that explains the decision that Apple’s new phone to be introduced in March 2016 be labeled iPhone 5se (whatever that nonsense means). Someone should tell Tim “Bad Photo” Cook that if you want to go in for new customers in India, Africa and Brazil you don’t sell them 2 year old technology at $549 a piece. This makes Apple greedy as hell–a true blood sucker. What a shame! (Don’t say Apple has not announced it yet. Apple secrecy is a joke. Every rumor about Apple is 100% correct. Look at the past 2 years. Whatever was speculated came out to be true.)

  2. Make it an iPhone with 4″ screen size and identical specs as the iPhone 6, call it something with “iPhone 6…” and make it the same price as the iPhone 6. Smaller size doesn’t mean smaller price. (I’m shorter than my friends and get paid the same salary!)

  3. If these rumors are true, they’re likely going with the thickness of the iPhone 5, and calling it the iPhone 5se would be marketed as “Special Edition”. They’ll boost the camera to the iPhone 6s (maybe), the battery life will stay the same if they add 3D Touch, and will improve if they don’t. The price point will be not less than 50$ below the iPhone 6. We’re increasing miniaturization (not just decreasing size), which always adds cost.

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