Microsoft’s Windows Phone is Zuned

Once upon a time, “Microsoft positioned its range of Windows Phone 7 handsets as the true third mobile ecosystem, but it’s time to admit it has failed,” Tom Warren writes for The Verge. “If a lack of devices from phone makers and even Microsoft itself wasn’t enough evidence, the final nail in the coffin hit [on Thursday]. Microsoft only sold 4.5 million Lumia devices in the recent quarter, compared to 10.5 million at the same time last year. That’s a massive 57 percent drop. Even a 57 percent increase wouldn’t be enough to save Windows Phone right now.”

“Microsoft and Nokia have sold a total of 110 million Windows Phones compared to 4.5 billion iOS and Android phones in the same period. IDC recently reported that 400 million phones were sold in the recent quarter, meaning just 1.1 percent of them were Lumia Windows Phones. Microsoft does not have any compelling Lumia handsets, and the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL were both disappointing flagship devices,” Warren writes. “With Lumia sales on the decline and Microsoft’s plan to not produce a large amount of handsets, it’s clear we’re witnessing the end of Windows Phone.”

“Windows Phone has long been in decline and its app situation is only getting worse,” Warren writes. “With a lack of hardware, lack of sales, and less than 2 percent market share, it’s time to call it: Windows Phone is dead.”

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“Buried low down in the earnings report, Redmond notes phone revenue ‘declined 49% in constant currency’ — couching this as a reflection of “our strategy change announced in July 2015,'” Natasha Lomas writes for TechCrunch. “Microsoft can couch away all it wants, but the truth is its phone business is dead. And no amount of ‘strategic fiddling’ around the edges will change that. Indeed, the platform has been walking dead for multiple years now.”

“Total Windows Phones sold in Microsoft’s Q2 quarter: 4.5 million vs selling 10.5 million in the year ago quarter,” Lomas writes. “A spot of comparative context: just this week Apple announced it sold 75 million iPhones in its Q1.”

“The question now is whether Microsoft will keep making smartphones as a showcase/vanity projectr,” Lomas writes. “Or just kill off the division entirely.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Windows Phone is so relevant, it took us two days to notice the obituaries.

All that’s left for Microsoft now is the funeral procession (smirk):

Silly assholes, bury your iPhone roadkill already. It stinks.

Microsoft holds iPhone funeral procession to celebrate upcoming Windows Phone 7 release (w/ video) – September 10, 2010


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