How the iPhone 6/Plus ruined Apple

“While it’s certainly possible that the great days of iPhone sales growth are over, I wouldn’t make that prediction just yet,” Dr. Drang writes for leancrew. “In fact, I was surprised to learn that iPhone sales were merely flat. I was expecting a decline — not because the iPhone is losing popularity, but because the iPhone 6’s first quarter of sales was such a gigantic leap upward. ”

“The pent-up demand for a larger iPhone caused sales to increase nearly 50% year over year, to 74.47 million from 51.03 million the year before,” Drang writes. “This was the biggest percentage jump in year-over-year sales since the introduction of the 4S (which was goosed a bit because the 4S was delayed). I just didn’t think the 6S could keep up with that. And maybe it won’t.”

“But look at how things were going before the iPhone 6. Had the trend of 2012–2014 continued through 2015, iPhone sales last quarter would have been 65–70 million. Instead they were just under 75 million. It’s only in comparison to the huge holiday quarter of 2014 that last quarter looks dull,” Drang writes. “If sales don’t improve with the iPhone 7, I’ll be willing to believe we’ve reached ‘peak iPhone.’ Until then, the only problem I see is that the iPhone 6 was too successful.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

Apple was at least two years late with properly-sized iPhones*. With iPhone 6/Plus in Q115, they had wild success due to massive pent-up demand. That they topped it in Q116 with the 6s/Plus is remarkable, almost unfathomable, and even more so considering the macroeconomic headwinds that are blasting the company in the face.

Anyone who fails to realize the magnificent scope of what Apple accomplished this past quarter simply cannot see the forest for the trees.MacDailyNews, January 27, 2016

*iPhones sized properly for the majority of the market, as per:
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  1. All this talk and nobody thinking about doing anything new.. Obvious stuff, Radical would be removable storage, A THICKER phone if need be with a 5 day battery. A bigger screen, and perhaps choice of smaller than the 6 plus, as a line, I talk to many people who think the 6 plus is still too small giving all that they want to do on it. Waterproof, a decent file system. Put the same on the iPad not-so-pro that’s out now… which nobody is impressed with, (screen size does make for a great adult viewing experience though),

    How about earphones that don’t become a sticky, tangled mess… and break every 3 months,

    It seems to me that the product features now match the mediocre ‘dumbed down’ apps… That’s what happens when you take truly professional applications, and turn them into apps… The innovation is not pushing the envelope…

    I’d do ANYTHING for some kind of vision correcting diopter like screen where I no longer needed my glasses on to read the phone,,, I fall asleep with the glasses on and ruin them,,

    What really has ruined growth is this horrible idea that Apple cannot get their little toe in the enterprise world,, industry,,, what a joke.
    You know, because it’s not a very big market… Right,, Business has enormous budgets for equipment, and none of it is Apple, besides a few obvious industries. Same with the earlier story about education, Say what you will, but I see no aggressive push by Apple. Oh well.

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