Oracle pulls plug on Java browser plugin

“Come September 2016, the perennial threat vector otherwise known as the Java plugin will be deprecated and well on its way to being dead, decreased, and thankfully, an ex-plugin,” Chris Duckett reports for ZDNet.

“Oracle has announced that the days of the Java browser plugin are numbered, with its deprecation set for the upcoming Java Development Kit 9 release and its removal slated for a future release,” Duckett reports. “The reasoning behind the move has been laid at the feet of browser makers choosing to move away from plugins.”

“During its life, the Java plugin has been a common vector to install malware or otherwise attack users,” Duckett reports. “JDK 9 is scheduled to ship on September 22 this year.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good riddance to an unending stream of security flaws and malware issues.

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