Apple fixes issue responsible for Safari web browser crashes

“Apple has fixed the bug that caused the Safari browser to crash on iPhones, iPads, and Macs around the world,” Joseph Bernstein reports for BuzzFeed News.

“Sources say the issue impacted only people whose Safari ‘Suggestions’ data storage cache updated during early AM hours, Pacific Time,” Bernstein reports. “The immediately cause of the crash was typing into the address bar.”

Bernstein reports, “Emptying the cache should resolve the issue for those still experiencing it (click on the ‘clear history and website data’ in Safari’s preferences).”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Fixed. Did you experience this issue?


    1. I have very consistent “web kit” issues on Mac OS that cause painfully slow loads on Safari. This doesn’t appear to be the problem reported in this article. No other Safari issues in either i, or Mac OS.

  1. I had this issue and went to Apple Support Forums earlier. A developer suggested un-checking the Suggested Safari Search box and it worked. Initially I thought I had a bigger problem as my screen started to flicker along with being unable to type. I’m happy and so is my MacBook Pro.

  2. Not on my iPhone 6s++
    However, my wife both on her iPad Air and on her iPhone 6s, YES!!! First thing I did for her was to clear all browsing data and then hard restart both devices. Didn’t do anything to FIX it, so I lent her my iPhone 6s+ to browse last night… Strange.

  3. Yes. On my iMac 2009 (i7, 16gb, 1TBSSD), Safari would lock up inexplicably and then lock up the entire system. The mouse would stay active, but nothing else would respond. The only way out of it was to do a hard reboot. Happened at least once a day recently, but always when browsing with Safari. Fortunately, I usually have everything else saved when browsing, but it has been troubling nonetheless.

    Has anyone else had their system become unresponsive with this issue?

      1. Thank you for letting me know. I was a bit concerned that there might be something else wrong. And, wouldn’t you know, my machine was moved into the “obsolete” category in December :-). But, since I changed the Safari setting today, no problems. Fingers crossed. Keep us posted how you are doing with the change. Thanks.

  4. Yes I did on my mid 2015 MacBook Pro. It was maddening. I found an article that suggested un-checking “Include Safari Suggestions” under Preferences –> Search.

    Common seriously…did Apple do any QA testing. If you had this ‘default’ preference set, it made it impossible to place anything in the search URL bar. I would think this would come out in testing pretty quickly.

  5. I don’t have crash issues but Web Content issues. I don’t know if it is the actual content or Safari not being able to handle the content. It is especially a problem with Facebook and other busy web pages.

  6. Today is January 30. This is STILL a problem.

    Safari is locking up and locking up the whole computer. Rebooting is the only fix. This has not happened when I am using Firefox. I greatly prefer Safari, but this is a MAJOR problem.

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