Apple’s Mac sales continue to outgrow Windows PCs

“The Mac computer line that started it all for Apple is largely forgotten nowadays by analysts,” Jamal Carnette writes for The Motley Fool. “This is ironic given that Mac sales provided Apple’s second largest source of revenue last fiscal year, outpacing the iPad which dropped to No. 3. If a recent report from Gartner is true, moreover, Apple’s Mac line is also bucking the broader decline in the market for personal computers.”

“Overall, Gartner’s preliminary results show that the PC market declined to 288.7 million units, an 8% drop from 2014. The fourth quarter was no better, with an 8.3% drop in worldwide units sold compared to the year-ago period. Out of the six named vendors, only Apple stymied the decline by registering an increase,” Carnette writes. “Apple shipped 5.67 million units in the last three months of 2015, or Apple’s fiscal first quarter. That amounted to a 3% increase over last year’s 5.5 million units.”

Carnette writes, “The fact that Apple outperformed the broader PC market in units-shipment growth is a good sign, and a testament to Cupertino’s brand cachet.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Behold, the indomitable Macintosh!


  1. When FINALLY the Analysts, technology bean counters such as Gartner and so called tech pundits wake up, they will realise that Apple Inc. NOW ship the most computing devices globally …. but that would be asking them to use their brains!!

    1. Funny when you consider that Commodore 64’s, Vic 20’s & MS-DOS were considered computers and compare the computing power of those to today’s iPhone or iPad. iPhone is a multi-function mobile computer with phone chips inside. iPad is a larger multi-function mobile computer. What else do you need to know?

      1. That’s not how this works. Compare capability with contemporary competition.

        If iOS and watches is all that MDN wants to talk about, you guys seriously need to change the name of the website.

  2. … So sell your AAPL now. (0_o)

    I can verify that within the Windows user community, the incessant demands by MS to updated to Windows 10 and the inherent surveillance built into Windows 10 are supremely pissing people off. MS comes off as a vampiric company, more than ever. 😛

  3. Even unfashionable ugg boots are outselling pc’s. Crocs sell about four times as many and sales of Burberry baseball caps last year outnumbered Windows PC shipments by a factor of two.

  4. So now, Wintel sells 10%, and Apple sells 90%?
    If you got 10% as your test grade would that ever be a success?
    Apple: Sell a real Pro computer! All expansion is external?
    Apple does GREAT as far as laptops, but until they get 51% of the computer market……
    I have a mac mini (2012), but Apple has told me NOT to upgrade.
    No user expansion for memory, and NO i7, which I NEED.
    Apple is making me consider a pc. Who can really justify what they did with the Mac mini.

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