Diversity report shows Apple’s U.S. workforce still mainly white and male

“Apple’s U.S. workforce is a bit more diverse than it was a year ago, but still predominantly white and male, suggests the most recent EEO-1 Federal Employer Information report,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac.

“According to newly-released figures, roughly 30 percent of Apple’s U.S. employees are female, around 8.6 percent are African-American, and 11.7 percent are hispanic or Latino,” Dormehl reports. “That’s marginally up from 29 percent female, 8 percent African-American, and 11.5 percent hispanic and Latino in 2014.”

Dormehl reports, “Close to 83 percent of Apple’s senior execs and managers are male, with 83.5 percent also white.”

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“Changes in executive and upper level management tiers were less dramatic, with Hispanic employees accounting for 7 percent of the total, up 1 percent from 2014,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider. “Apple hired more black, Asian and multiracial workers to fill leadership roles, but the overall breakdown went unchanged due to similar growth in white hires.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s “Inclusion and Diversity” page is here.

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  1. I would also like to remind people reading this report with dismay (as is obviously intended), that Apple was created and nurtured to this point by “mainly white males.” It is a success that that you don’t tinker with just to satisfy a quota, or for some social experiment. Apple has a responsibility to show no hiring bias based on race or gender, and that works both ways. You are either qualified to be hired or you are not. When you have a report that shows evidence that Apple is demonstrably biased in their hiring I will be suitably disturbed.

  2. The diversity train that cook wants to drive. I understand the pressure Jackson is putting in all these companies. Its not diversity bs mostly, it is a black hiring issue. You dont hear hispanics, asians, indians and pakistanis (east asians), complaining. Its all about Jesse Jackson campaign on this issue. Jackson likes to use the word “minorities” but he should just stick to blacks. Hispanics and asians have moved past his begging methods of being included demands. Look at the Oscars now. Do hispanics beg to be included in all movies? No. Where are the black people with money? They do have quite a few billionaires and multi millionaires around to produce and create great movies. How come little Spike Lee can get his projects funded by black entreprenuers? There might be an answer right there.
    The way it is, very simple. Would Apple not hire a great engineer because she is black? Of course not. Do blacks play in the NBA? No shit. Do we need more hispanics in the NBA ? This faulty logic used by these people would say, yes, we need more hispanics in the NBA. Whether they can play today is meaningless.
    I guess we need more asians playing baseball regardless of ability. We can go on and on. I can say this, I will not fly on the next Boing jet if it is built by diversity regardless of who built it, whites, greens, purples, etc.
    Let me hurt a lot of people’s feelings now. Sometimes thats what is needed. We have to agree, yes you, that things have gotten much better about access in the last 30-40 years. All universities are open to everyone. Well, not really. Only blacks still have “traditional black colleges”. Really, they do, and thats their name. Why not reserved some schools for Hispanics, asians, whites, too? Call them “traditional white, etc schools”. Oh, it sounds racist to you? Well, “traditional black colleges” is racist to me!
    But guess what? Within 20 years, blacks will complaint once again about equal access, even if all funding is the same. Once you start on the path of wanting to be included you will do it all the time. Because what this group and their supporters desire is not equal access or equal level of opportunities, nope, they want equal outcome. And that little jesse and little spike, will never happen. Once we get pass the taboo of not being able to talk about intellectual capacity in term of physical abilities, just like playing any sport, we might move forward to a more accomodating for everyine way of looking at things. It is silly to say that x person has a physical talent to do x,y, and c, but the other physical attributes of our physical body cannot come into question without being called names. Is it correct to say, Jane is a great athlete, she has a Nigerian mother. But its a crime to say, oh Jane is a great scientist, she has a German father. See what I mean? You are either grinning because you thought of this before but never had the balls to write it or say it. Or you are getting angry because you dont like to hear such direct point of view. But disagreeing means nothing. Facts we can work with.

  3. To finalize all this stupid equal outcome stuff lets just do everything by percentages, period. By percentage of population everywhere. 70% whites, 17% hispanics, 12% blacks, 1% others. Happy?
    That would suit me just fine. Cannot get any more fair than this. Of course, they, Jesse and company, will find a way to make fools of themselves in another way.

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