“When Apple released its diversity report last August, CEO Tim Cook noted that ‘we know there is a lot more work to be done,'” Alice Truong writes for Quartz. “So it’s curious that ahead of a shareholder meeting in February, Apple’s board of directors is recommending that investors vote against a proposal to increase the diversity of its board and senior management.”

Apple’s eight-member board is “dominated by white men, with three exceptions: former Boeing president James Bell, who is black; BlackRock cofounder Susan Wagner; and Grameen America CEO Andrea Jung,” Truong writes. “In 2015, Apple reported that 54% of its US employees, including its retail staff, were white, but that number increases to 63% when zooming in on its execs.”

“The proposal by investor Antonio Avian Maldonado II criticizes Apple for being ‘painstaking slow’ to increase representation of minorities in its leadership and board,” Truong writes. “In a proxy statement filed Jan. 6, Apple’s board called Maldonado’s proposal ‘unduly burdensome and not necessary,’ citing its ongoing diversity efforts.”

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