Apple’s Board of Directors says a call for diversity is ‘unduly burdensome and not necessary’

“When Apple released its diversity report last August, CEO Tim Cook noted that ‘we know there is a lot more work to be done,'” Alice Truong writes for Quartz. “So it’s curious that ahead of a shareholder meeting in February, Apple’s board of directors is recommending that investors vote against a proposal to increase the diversity of its board and senior management.”

Apple’s eight-member board is “dominated by white men, with three exceptions: former Boeing president James Bell, who is black; BlackRock cofounder Susan Wagner; and Grameen America CEO Andrea Jung,” Truong writes. “In 2015, Apple reported that 54% of its US employees, including its retail staff, were white, but that number increases to 63% when zooming in on its execs.”

“The proposal by investor Antonio Avian Maldonado II criticizes Apple for being ‘painstaking slow’ to increase representation of minorities in its leadership and board,” Truong writes. “In a proxy statement filed Jan. 6, Apple’s board called Maldonado’s proposal ‘unduly burdensome and not necessary,’ citing its ongoing diversity efforts.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s “Inclusion and Diversity” page is here.

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  1. Go to any school of engineering on any campus in America and take a look around.

    It is a sausage fest- guys everywhere and very few African Americans – the usual suspect for complaints about diversity. This despite massive long-standing programs trying to recruit women and minorities into the field.

    There is no discrimination against ethnic minorities or women in tech. None. They are meritocracies.

    In order to get into the game, underrepresented groups need to get off their ass, stop bitching about inclusion and sign up for the classes- and degrees- necessary to go to work and earn a shot at the executive suite.

    Tim Cook is a world class expert at supply chain management and contributed mightily to the growth at Apple by moving it from a high cost producer to a low cost producer. People like Avie Tevanian and Bertrand Serlet- both former executives at Apple- were world class software engineers. Tony Faddell, another former executive, was the guy behind the iPod and iPhone teams that did the hardware engineering.

    Not many with degrees in Sports Management, Communications or Business and not much demand for them.

    I as a shareholder do not care if they hire someone with pointy green ears like Mr Spock as long as they are the best person for the job. As a shareholder I do object if they start hiring based upon quota instead of qualification.

    Can I get an Amen?

    1. Not only are there a high percentage of males in engineering schools, this happens at a time when women comprise 57% of all college students. It’s a war on men. Women are already overrepresented in college but demand special treatment for one area where men excel.

  2. As ever, the only question is:

    Q: Are you qualified?

    Knowing how difficult it is for often brilliant people to acquire a decent education in our increasingly Neo-Feudal world, I’d very much enjoy seeing Apple contribute directly to providing technology education scholarships. THERE is an opportunity to enable diversity.

    1. Women and racial minorities are qualified for scientific and technical jobs. Never doubt that. Also never doubt that bias exists in all humans and can only be nullified by fairness rules in the hiring process.

      If it hadn’t been for much-maligned affirmative action, I’d never have got my start in engineering. The college had to grudgingly accept me. And later in the jobs market, I still remember guys on the hiring committee muttering about pregnancy leave, about special protection for frail femmes around electrical generators, about losing new hires to marriage. All those excuses constituted bias, and I fought them and won. Still, I wasn’t accepted gladly into the fraternity.

      And yes, this happened decades ago…but no reasonable person would admit that gender and racial bias have disappeared since then. Even social engineering by the government hasn’t eliminated that, and you can see it in the comments in this very website.

      1. Every reasonable person doesn’t carry around grudges from 30+ years ago.

        You’re angry that different perspectives than your own still exist? Time to ratchet up that government spending and stamp out diversity of thought and politics! Then you will be free. Oh, and a couple of million dead males wouldn’t hurt, am I right?

        You leftists are all the same – bigoted, censorious, and totalitarian until the end.

      2. I always enjoy your spirit.

        The guys-afraid-of-girls thing (and other variations of bias) never made sense to me. It’s ancient.

        Here in the USA, the racial bias thing has a bizarre persistence. I see it in real time but am not enough of an historian to understand how exactly it has been reinforced over time.

        Any way, bright, capable people of whatever gender and race ABOUND in the world. Missing their talents is a profound disservice to our species and our endeavors.

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