Hey Siri, why aren’t you on my Mac?

“‘Hey Siri, why are you not on my Mac?’ The response I got was pretty lame. Siri told me that everything I needed to know about Apple products could be found on Apple.com,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet.

“I don’t use Siri a lot because I find that the voice recognition is still a bit poor when it comes to transcribing out emails and text messages. However, one trick that I learned from my daughter is that Siri is great for things like setting alarms and timers and such,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “And the more I use Siri for these things, the more I’m surprised that Siri isn’t also on my Mac.”

“So why is there no Siri on the Mac yet?” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “I think there are several reasons…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Having Siri available on our Macs could definitely be useful when we’re on the go with our MacBooks, but there are other logistics to be worked out. For example, our desks have 27-inch iMacs on them with iPhones attached in docks, iPads sometimes plugged in and charging, MacBooks plugged in charging, and we have Apple Watches on our wrists. It’s rather amazing right now that when one of us says “Hey Siri,” with hands on the keyboard, Siri on our iPhone awakens to listen, but not the Apple Watch on our wrist. However, when we raise our wrist and ask “Hey Siri,” Siri on our Apple Watch awakens to listen and the iPhone does nothing. Sometimes, however, our iPads also wake up to “Hey Siri” along with our iPhones and we have “two Siris” active. What’s the Mac supposed to do in our, rather typical, setup? Now, we’ll sometimes have three Siris? How many Siris do you need?

On-the-go, of course, the iPhone/iPad are usually not plugged in, so their “Hey Siri” would be inactive and it would be a case of whether the MacBook or the Apple Watch handles the “Hey Siri,” the MacBook or the Apple Watch. That would probably work well, as “Hey Siri” won’t activate Apple Watch unless you raise it purposely and if Apple could do whatever they’ve done to stop iPhone from reacting when Apple Watch’s Siri is active to the MacBook.

On the desktop, we guess if Apple limited Siri on the Mac to only being invoked by keyboard, that would work. Or if they imposed – or better yet, allowed the user to create – a hierarchy where, for example, the Mac takes precedence if an iPhone, iPad, and/or Apple Watch can also hear “Hey Siri” that would also work.

See? There are a lot of variables to consider.

Who’s wishing their Mac had Siri? Isn’t your iPhone (or iPad or Apple Watch) always nearby anyway?

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  1. I have a couple of issues. The first one is that I’m running Parallels and have the ability for Cortana to be running so I can use her like I would use Siri, but she’s not. As much as I wanted Siri on my Mac, I’m not certain she would be that useful currently. I don’t think the microphone on my Mac is all that great for picking up dictated speech correctly. I’m dictating this comment on my Mac using the built-in dictation, it is not all that fast. I think there’s a reason why we don’t have Siri and it’s because the user experience we’ll not be up to what we expect.

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