Will Apple buy DuckDuckGo this year?

“DuckDuckGo is the search engine that does not track your searches or send your search words/phrases to the websites you click on from their search engine,” E. Werner Reschke writes for T-GAAP.

“In other words DuckDuckGo values your privacy,” Reschke writes, “which should remind you of another popular company, Apple. It seems at every recent keynote Tim Cook continues to remind us that Apple encrypts all of your digital communication on its devices and does not have the key to unlock them. According to Apple, what you do is your business, not Apple’s.”

Reschke writes, “It seems the stage is set for Apple to buy-out DuckDuckGo this year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If Apple doesn’t, maybe Yahoo should?

DuckDuckGo is here: https://duckduckgo.com


  1. I’m all for APPLE buying a search engine outfit, or developing their own capabilities in house, but if they buy someone, like DUCKDUCK, let’s hope it is near the top in capabilities. I’m not so sure DUCKDUCK is anything special, and I don’t believe they use their own algorithms when doing search. I believe they just piggyback off google and others.

    And if YAHOO had a good search engine then they would certainly be worth acquiring. But again, do they have anything in that area worth buying? I don’t think so.

    In my opinion, GOOGLE rules search. I wish it wasn’t true. APPLE doesn’t need to use the best search, but it has to be decent.

    If I’m wrong on this, then by all means, let’s acquire DUCK or YAHOO, anything to move us away from GOOGLE.

    1. Is there any reason you believe DuckDuckGo is piggybacking off Google? That would contradict pretty much everything they claim about their search engine, including the whole “valuing privacy” angle. It also doesn’t make sense given the (easy to verify) fact that you get different results on each site doing the same searches.

      1. Thanks for the correction. I was basing my response on something I read about DuckDuckGo when they first appeared. The next guy in line, JOE, provided good, current info about DuckDuckGo. It looks good. Maybe apple should buy them!

      2. How does DuckDuck support itself financially without using targeted ads or personal data (Google) business model? I’m not sure how they can/will survive on merely the ‘goodwill’ of users..

    2. From DuckDuckGo’s Business Development Manager about their search tech:

      “DuckDuckGo gets its data from over 100 source including upstream search partners like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and others – we also have our own crawler DuckDuckGo Bot.

      We then add on top an intelligence layer designed to remove spam and re-order the provided results in order to create a better search experience. In short, no this is not like PageRank – but I imagine Google’s sorting model is even drastically different than the historical PageRank that Google patented years ago.

      Search isn’t just a popularity contest among websites, a lot of effort goes into play regarding understanding a a users intention and how to serve up the best high quality response.

      At DuckDuckGo one way we push towards this is with our “Instant Answers” which are built out through our DuckDuckHack platform and allow us to place high-quality answers above the organic results and any advertisements. These answers are provided by top websites like Wikipedia, Yummly, the BBC and over 400 more community built answers.

      -Adam Cochran

      Read as… Not Google.

      1. Also, from search engine land.

        “Obviously, DuckDuckGo isn’t tracking your behavior. They don’t know exactly where you live. (Google does.) DuckDuckGo uses GEO::IP lookup, meaning that they determine roughly where you are located based on your IP address.

        What does this mean? When you search for [oil change near me], you’re going to get shops that are closer to the center of your GeoIP result than your actual physical location. There may indeed be a Jiffy Lube right around the corner, but DuckDuckGo doesn’t know what corner you’re close to.

        The bottom line is that you won’t be able to nail local results as accurately with DuckDuckGo as with Google.”

  2. According to the many articles I’ve read today about Apple’s epic decline, in six months or so DuckDuckGo will be buying Apple.

    I’d like to see Apple get into the search engine business simply to provide competition to Google’s supposedly bulletproof revenue stream, but it doesn’t seem as though Apple does anything to overtly challenge rival companies which I find somewhat disappointing. That’s why rivals muscle into Apple’s territory without a thought because they know Apple never fights back. Apple could have certainly afforded to go punch for punch with rivals but instead keeps staying its soft and merry course while Wall Street loses all respect for the company. Now Apple is known as the one-trick iPhone pony with a single revenue stream that’s going to hell.

    1. …and at least some of the writers of these articles know what they are writing is pure BS, designed to manipulate the market.
      Are you stupid enough to believe them, or stupid enough to be a troll? Either way………..

    2. And yet it has other revenue streams larger than rather a lot of its rivals total revenue which are conveniently ignored and others building at a rather impressive rate. It seems you can be too successful for your own good or at least in the eyes of the one eyed analysts.

    3. macnificentseven48: You either forgot to tag your comments as sarcasm (/s), or you drank the WallNut Street KoolAid. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Apple the company to go into any decline, especially and ‘epic decline’. On second thought, maybe you should hold your breath. One less sucker spreading Apple Bear Bullshit.

      Here’s a lovely museum of Apple Bear Bullshit since 1995. A perennial favorite. Enjoy!


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