Apple has 800 people working on improving the iPhone’s camera

“Charlie Rose’s 60 Minutes set its sights on Apple on Sunday night and tried to reveal hidden details about how Apple does business,” Chris Smith reports for BGR.

“Among the various things 60 Minutes revealed during the show is the fact that Apple has a team of 800 people working on a single iPhone feature: Its camera,” Smith reports. “According to Graham Townsend, Apple has no less than 800 people working on the iPhone camera.”

Smith reports, “That’s impressive and it shows Apple’s commitment for improving the camera in its best-selling product.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s either impressive or massively bloated mismanagement, depending on your point of view.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We found the 60 Minutes piece to be insipid and fawning. The most interesting thing was Rose’s ability to pronounce the word “secretive” in an entirely new way.


  1. Considering that the iPhone is the best selling camera in the world, this is reasonable.

    This 800 people come from many different disciplines (physics, optics, software, materials, manufacturing, supply chain, etc.), so the number is really not that large.

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