Beleaguered Microsoft admits to parade of bugs in weak-selling Surface lineup

“As most of you know, whenever Apple has a problem with hardware or software, it can make huge headlines,” Gene Steinberg reports for The Tech Night Owl. “Compare that to Windows, where Microsoft has released a number of buggy updates over the years, some of which would cause such symptoms as startup loops. You don’t see a rash of sensational headlines because Microsoft screwed up.”

“This year’s problems for Microsoft involve the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, the highly touted convertible notebooks that are supposed to rescue Microsoft’s tablet division,” Steinberg reports. “Now before I get to the problems, consider the fact that the modest Surface sales are flagging, from $908 million last year to $672 million in this year’s September quarter. That is not too promising. Apple still sold $4.276 billion worth of iPads in the same quarter despite falling sales.”

“So while the Microsoft sycophants in the media have touted the Surface as a sure iPad killer, the facts don’t bear that out, and now Microsoft is admitting to loads of bugs in these machines,” Steinberg reports. “These issues are especially troubling in light of declining tablet sales, and Microsoft has yet to demonstrate that it has delivered a credible alternative to other PC convertibles, let alone the various MacBooks with which it has been compared.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A single quarter of iPad Pro — we’re not talking all iPads here, no Airs or minis, just the new top-of-the-line iPad Pro — sales will exceed the total of all Microsoft Surface tablets ever sold to date.

And yes, Microsoft makes junk. They always have and, it seems, they always will.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


  1. Wow…Ipeople bashing Microsoft….what a concept!!! I use ms and iPhone. They both have good and bad points. However, surface IS selling very well. And yes it is a PC. And no it shouldn’t be compared to an iPad which is just a big iPhone (without the phone but with a mid range pc price). i products are very limited in what they can do. However, they run pretty well. Someday I fanatics will grow up and take the blindfolds off ….there’s a whole world out there!

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