Analyst: Apple Music already has 8 million subscribers, will hit 20 million in 2016

“Respected music business analyst Mark Mulligan is estimating that Apple Music will have nearly 8m subs at the end of 2015, a number which will more than double in 2016,” Music Business Worldwide reports.

“Mulligan notes that Apple Music ‘went from zero to the No.2 streaming service in a matter of months in mid-2015,'” MBW reports. “He forecasts that Apple Music should hit around 20m subscribers by the end of 2016 – which won’t quite catch Spotify, but will solidify the platform’s position as the market’s No.2.”

MBW reports, “‘If Apple finds growth tough going, expect it to throw everything it has got at getting the labels to agree to lower price point products so it can open up large chunks of the iTunes music customer base,’ [Mulligan told MBW].”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not a bad showing at all for a paid-only service currently forced to compete with “free” (ad-supported) outfits that artists in general barely tolerate, if not outright hate.


  1. Apple Music is the bomb. As far as all the trumped up issues?… USER ERROR .!.. Im keeping our family plan.

    One More Thing…. Whatever happened to NAPSTER? FREE MUSIC….. FREE STREAMING????


  2. NO it will not! This is just a wishful projection. Kids, though they still like music, are satisfied to listen and watch youtube, though they really hate the commercials. They are now into self performances.

    Streaming music is something that apple should provide with the sell of every iPhone, since they are not provide free unlimited service for this over priced device. 60″ HD TVs cost less then these phones, samsung and rest included.

    1. BOB, you spelled your name backwards.

      Did you ever consider that it is more difficult to design and assemble a small portable computer with a display that can also run all day on its internal battery than it is to manufacture a 60″ display (with fewer pixels), stuff it into a cheap plastic enclosure, and attach some cheap electronics and software?

    2. In addition, BOB, consumers have something to do with prices. Consumers are purchasing over 200 million iPhones each year under the existing price structure. That is a very strong indicator that they are not overpriced. They are just priced higher than you would prefer.

      Finally, it is a bad idea to attach a promise of unlimited, free anything to the purchase of a device. Once you sell that device, you have an unlimited liability.

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