Analyst: No 3D Touch for Apple’s next-gen iPad Air due as early as March

“The next generation of Apple’s market-defining tablet is unlikely to gain the pressure-sensitive technology introduced with the iPhone 6s, according to a research note from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo,” AppleInsider reports.

“The so-called ‘iPad Air 3’ will eschew 3D Touch for primarily practical reasons, according to a note published early Tuesday by Kuo,” AppleInsider reports. “Kuo called 3D Touch ‘one of the most severe production bottlenecks in iPhone 6s supply chain.'”

AppleInsider reports, “In any event, Apple still reportedly plans to refresh the 9.7-inch iPad line next spring… as early as March”

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MacDailyNews Take: Not having 3D Touch across the board on iPhones and iPads will retard the possibilities offered by the UI addition – an input method that will become an important, integral function someday – when the hardware is finally all in place. Until then, developers won’t dedicate full resources to fully explore a partially rolled-out feature.


    1. And Tim, really, again with the new products delivery issues. WHERE ARE THE NEW APPLE PENCILES? 3 weeks lead time! And where is the remote app for the NEW AppleTV?

      Tim, get your act together. It is times like this that I miss Steve Jobs. And yes, getting Apple to make a stylist would be difficult while Steve was there.

      1. Without Tim, Steve Jobs wouldn’t have been able to pull of the things HE did. It’s doubtful Tim doesn’t move heaven and earth to get products out as quickly as humanly possible. They aren’t sipping on latte’s all day in Cupertino.

        1. Then again, if the highly motivated ‘experts’ commenting at MDN replaced the fumbling slackards at Apple, all problems would be solved with the snap of their fat fingers. For sure. If only that swap could be arranged, I want the popcorn concession.

    1. Absolutely. Their short term goal is to sell as many iPhones as they can and focus on making that product special. But in fairness, it takes time to spread the technology over their entire catalogue of products, and to keep costs relatively low, they can just insert every new thing into everything. Also, it’s possibly some innovation will turn out to be a dud, and there won’t be demand. So I don’t think it’s wrong of Apple to move somewhat slowly on new innovations. Heck it’s only been a few months.

    2. That’s it. There’s always something conspicuously missing. Be it no 4K on the new Apple TV unit, lack of 3D touch on the new iPhones, no cameras on the first iPad, or no doubling of RAM on the iPhone 6, the list goes on.

      It distresses me that some of this behaviour is beginning to trickle into the Macs as well, which are truly long-term investments.

    3. @TM These neophytes have not a “clue” of yesteryear… OR of yesterday! Looking for my PhotoShop 1.2 update priority FedEx …for my Mac Iici..& Quadra 800 with Radius 20″ Monitor….. AAPL is doing Just Fine.

      Read between .!.. The lines NAYSAYERS…

      …..????? Does ASS.ScMung design & develop it’s own OS & Hardware? UM…. look no further than Schit Head and BalmHead… PROFIT??!!! who needs Profit??? in the tech industry????? puff… gmafb. Surface MY ASS MYDELLA… & EAT Schmidt!!!! Mole SCUM!!! Right MIKEY! 😉

      1. I agree. It’s hard to fathom why the industry leader with the best, most innovative products and highest customer satisfaction ratings and highest market capitalisation is treated like some kind of village idiot by Internet lurkers gone terminally blasé, and kicked around like a Charlie Brown football by the press and analysts. Is the negativity toward Apple making them rich, is that why they’re doing it? Or do they just have a nasty grudge against Truth?

    1. There you go hopefully the Cook out brigade will at least show some understanding of the processes involved moving such technology from small to larger screens after all they would be the first to whinge if it didn’t work reliably out of the fate. Even a clown can see surely that making something work at one size doesn’t necessarily work as well when simply scaled up.

  1. I doubt that you are lying, anonymous bonehead. I suspect that you truly believe what you are saying, thus it is not a lie (although that does not make your opinion valid or true, either).

    In your warped view of the world, you probably believe that, if you were CEO of Apple, that you could simply command the addition of 3D Touch to all iOS devices and it would micarulously happen (as you walked across the lake to your mansion). In the real world there are things like supplier chains and physics that are more important than your petty diatribes against Cook. Essentially, you don’t know jack.

  2. So despite all the pros using the iPad pro its still not a pro device in your mind?
    Despite the fact its been said a few times trying to produce large amounts of ‘3D’ screens at iPad sizes is simply not presently production feasible you claim its all Cooks fault in your mind.
    When have Apple not released new features on flagship products. Clearly your memory is a little unreliable in your mind too.
    Yep seems to be a trend here doesn’t there, a place in your mind where you control Reality, History and the Laws of Physics it seems. Wow impressive skill.

    Its not that you are lying, you are just somewhat deluded. Must be a strange and dangerous place in that part of your mind.

  3. The benefit of 3D Touch is for one-handed use. It’s is really not needed in the iPad, particularly iPad Pro. Presumably it also adds significantly to the cost of making the screens.

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