Which Mercedes-Benz vehicles will have Apple’s CarPlay in 2016

“Despite being announced over a year ago, it’s taken some time for automakers to include Apple CarPlay, the tech giant’s connectivity software, in their respective infotainment systems,” Andrew Krok reports for CNET. “That number seems to be growing by the week now, and it looks like Mercedes-Benz is ready to get in on the action.”

“According to a dealership memo leaked to C450AMG.net, CarPlay will be limited to just a few models in the lineup, and only certain variants thereof built after a specific date,” Krok reports. “The cars include the B-Class, E-Class (coupe and convertible — no sedans), CLA-Class, GLA-Class, CLS-Class and GLE-Class (coupe and standard). All cars except the GLE will need build dates after December 1 — the GLE requires a build date after January 8.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Finally, real Apple-designed iPhone integration is actually rolling out!

“For those interested to get CarPlay in their Mercedes, there are two ways they can have it. One is having it installed starting at $350,” Giancarlo Perlas reports for BenzInsider. “It will be a standalone package called Code 868 Smartphone Integration Package. The other offers it as part of the vehicle’s revised high-end COMAND infotainment system. The latter comes without additional cost for autos that come with the COMAND system as a standard feature such as the GLE 400, GLE 450, AMG GLE 63, and AMG GLE 63 S, but will cost around $3,650 to $4,080 for some.”

Perlas reports, “It should be noted that the package will also be released for select models of other 39 car brands, including the competitors of Mercedes, namely Audi and BMW.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You just know that Steve Jobs would somehow have CarPlay custom-installed in his endless parade of silver SL55 AMGs.

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  1. That’s really weird that they’re not including the S Class. Mercedes as some Performa-level messiness going on with their product lines these days. My fiance and I are totally confused on what to get and whether it makes sense to do a trip to Europe to pick one up. It used to be a lot easier.

  2. Ya, Mercedes is a real head scratcher. They’re supposed to represent the best of the best…and they’re really slow to adopt carplay and can’t manage to span their entire product line still. I’ve got an E350 and an SLK350 and neither support carplay in the 2016 models. Makes me wonder what car I should replace my MBs with if they can’t catch up to General Motors soon. If that last sentence makes someone in Germany cry….it should. You’re either the best luxury brand…or you’re not.

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