Walmart announces kludgy ‘Walmart Pay’ based on QR codes, but stays open to Apple Pay

“Wal-Mart has launched [announced – MDN Ed.] its own mobile payments system, Walmart Pay, as the big-box retailer aims to capitalize on its 22 million existing active monthly app users,” Elaine Low reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “The move comes as CurrentC, the Apple Pay rival notably backed by Wal-Mart and other retailers, continues to face delays and has yet to roll out nationwide.”

“Wal-Mart, which said earlier this month that mobile now accounts for “more than 70%” of its online traffic, does not presently accept Apple Pay, but it appears to remain open to the possibility,” Low reports. “To pay for purchases through Walmart Pay, shoppers must first activate the camera through the Walmart app and scan a QR code that will display at the register. The cashier then scans and bags the purchases, and an electronic receipt is sent to the app user.”

“The company’s mobile payments feature utilizes QR codes, while Apple Pay relies on near-field-communication (NFC) technology,” Low reports. “Walmart Pay will be in select stores starting in December and is slated to launch nationwide by the first half of 2016.”

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MacDailyNews Take: QR codes? What’s next, Walmart, a return to the shekel?

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  1. I could care less. I haven’t set foot in a Wal Mart store in years and have no intention of doing so in the future. I don’t need any of the cheap Chinese knockoffs they carry.

  2. I am an Apple fan, and LOVE using ApplePay … that being said … If I owned a store I too would opt for a system that allows the largest number of users to use it. EVERY smart phone has a camera. Not every smart phone (or even every iPhone) has NFC built in. Until NFC is ubiquitous I too would go with a camera based system.

    1. Aren’t there other factors to consider, speed on transaction, security of transaction for both customer and merchant etc? If the infrastructure is in place at the merchant POS why not accept multiple forms of payment?

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