Apple Macs replacing Windows PCs throughout enterprise at ‘unprecedented rate’ – survey of IT pros

“Apple devices are becoming an integral part of today’s enterprise environment, with nearly all enterprise IT professionals saying that their internal teams provide support for Mac, iPhone and iPad devices,” Ian Barker reports for BetaNews. “This is among the findings of a survey amongst IT professionals by Apple device management company JAMF Software. It shows that 96 percent of teams support Macs, 84 percent iPhones and 81 percent iPads.”

“The survey shows that user preference is the number one reason for the increased adoption of Mac (81 percent) and iOS devices (84 percent),” Barker reports. “As organizations continue to implement user choice programs, more and more employees are choosing Apple devices for work because they’re what they prefer in their everyday lives.”

“IT professionals surveyed also agree that Mac (75 percent) and iOS (82 percent) devices offer more security compared to other computer platforms,” Barker reports. “There have been increases in the usage of Mac (68 percent), iPhone (46 percent), and iPad (36 percent) devices in 2015. Macs are easier to manage than other computer platforms according to 64 percent, and 67 percent say that Mac will cut into the PC’s market share over the next three years. In addition 78 percent of those surveyed say that the iPhone and iPad are easier to manage than other mobile device platforms”

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MacDailyNews Take: The tide is inexorable. 🙂

It’s tough to imagine a bigger leap for put-upon workers than to go from crappy Windows PCs and antiquated, beard-of-buttons BlackBerry phones to Apple Macs, iPads, iPad Pros, iPhones, and Apple Watches. What a productivity booster!MacDailyNews Take, October 1, 2015

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  1. I sit in a smallish office of five people. There was a time I had the only Mac. Now four out of five of us do. Admittedly I work in entertainment, so it’s much easier to slot a Mac into our environment, but the trend at least across London is obvious. Macs are everywhere now. What began with the Titanium PowerBook has made the Mac the dominant manufacturer in this city.

  2. Nice, but you have a long way to go, Apple. Please get serious about supporting professionals.

    In our office, Windows 7 machines rule the roost. I have no choice but to dual boot. It really is about the software you need to use to get stuff done. Apple, in my opinion, has been doing way to little to make the Mac more attractive to developers. Apple has been also pissing me off about sealing its skinny boxes so I can’t upgrade a new Mac over time. The development work we do requires all kinds of PCI cards and data acquisition gear from companies that apparently have never heard of that fruit company.

    1. Your office is gradually falling into shock more and more, to be sure, as Microsoft forces, tricks and simply imposes Windows 10 on all your Windows 7 systems. Make no mistake, Microsoft will capture nearly everything your office mates do on their computers, you will have no more normal menus top use, only the infernal ribbon UI, and worst of all, your desktop will be covered by big pictures of Microsoft’s and other vendors’ applications. And if you think you’ve defeated Microsoft’s efforts to foist Windows 10 on you, think again, because soon you won’t get any Windows updates that don’t include Windows 10. It will be harder and harder and then impossible to avoid. There’s only one alternative: Mac OS X.

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