Om Malik: iPad Pro has replaced my 12-inch MacBook

“It is now my third week with the new iPad Pro. It has traveled with me to New York twice and has found a permanent space in my finally aging Lotuff Leather document case,” Om Malik writes for

“The new smart keyboard has grown on me – I find it really useful to run through a lot of emails and is helpful in reading,” Malik writes. “The split screen has been a massive productivity booster and email/Slack or Slack/SimpleNote combo is a pretty much how I work these days.”

“Slowly, and surely, it has replaced my 12-inch MacBook, especially when on the move,” Malik writes. “The really big screen, built-in LTE, light weight and day long battery have ripped the balance in favor of iPad Pro.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This will be the case for the vast majority of people. All they need to give iPad Pro a proper try.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


  1. One of my annoyances is that some websites STILL force you into some poorly designed lackluster mobile version of their website to the point where “Request Desktop Site” still reroutes you back to the mobile site instead of just showing the actual desktop site. Why can’t Apple create better emulation methods to truly force the website to show the desktop site so that it works 100% of the time, regardless of how incompetent the web developers might be? Now that we have iPad Pros, I would also like to see an overall Safari setting to always prefer desktop sites as opposed to mobile sites. To me, the only thing acceptable for mobile is what real developers call “responsive” design, where the site scales to the screen size, without losing ANY level of functionality. This drives me absolutely crazy!

      1. Not in 2015. This was true up until maybe a few years ago, but because of the rise of iOS, most sites that used to have flash-suffering content have now opted for HTML5. I don’t even have flash installed on my MacBook and haven’t seen one of these errors in years.

        1. True. I have not installed Flash on my Mac as well but there are still a lot where I need to force them to not go the Flash route by faking an iPad Safari in the development menu.

        1. It is primarily a problem with the web developer not honoring this setting, yes, but Apple still has the power to enhance their “Request Desktop Site” feature to work more effectively, and they absolutely should at least for iPad Pro.

    1. Same here. I love my 13″ rMBP but the iPP has now relegated it to desktop status sitting next to the 27″ TB display. The iPP is perfect for the day outings on the move but it doesn’t replace the MBP. I love it and the Apple Pencil is arriving tomorrow, which will add a whole new dimension and why I got the iPP in the first place. All I want from Apple right now is 27″ retina TB display. Can’t be happier with the iPhone 6+, the rMBP and the iPP. Everything is in sync and working beautifully together.

      1. Do you use airdrop? One frustrating thing for me since El Capitan is that I can’t airdrop between my 6+ and Air, neither device shows up on the other when wifi and bluetooth are on and airdrop is open.

  2. Given the choice between any iOS device and a Mac, 99% of the time I reach for the Mac.

    I hope Apple doesn’t abandon me just because Cook likes the easy money that comes from skimming 30% off the sale of each iOS app. Macs are hard work, and clearly Cook hasn’t been putting any effort into the more powerful platform. Shame on you, Tim!

  3. Apple is a phone company, folks. The day of the Mac is drawing to a close. Those of us who need serious computers will soon have to be looking elsewhere. Steve Jobs saved Apple. Tim Cook is destroying it.

    1. Hate to point it out, but it was Steve who gave priority to iOS and pulled Mac developers away to work on it. iOS got all the latest technology under Steve, to the point that Tim had to take development “Back to the Mac”. It was Steve that released versions of iWork that were incompatible to the point it was a joke to call them the same thing. Steve. Not Tim.

      It is in fact Tim Cook that is reorganizing the company so those things never happen again. Development was brought in tandem across the platforms under Tim, so that both grow together not apart.

      This blind hatred towards Tim is so profound you can’t even see all the things Steve did wrong.

      1. Thanks for the hope for the future of real computers, Michael. But even MDN has acknowledged the days of the Mac are numbered as a result of the completely dumbed down iOS and the devices it runs – all to the loss of any segment of the pro market – even those who just think they need the pro powers. The undeniable result is that the hated MSoft is going to get the Apple faithful left behind. ***sigh***

  4. The iPad pro and the whole iOS line is moving in on OS X. Once spreadsheets and word processing gets feature rich on iOS, what else is there for macs? Other than graphics/photos/desktop publishing professionals and musicians, who else is there? I think the majority of the ‘kickers and screamers’ that are attached to their Mac is only there because they’re attached to a mouse/trackpad. Once Apple releases a mouse/trackpad solution for iOS, it will be yet another nail in OS X’s coffin. Let’s face it, 99% of the people don’t need computers because they don’t compute anything. It’s all about programs/apps anyway.

    1. “Once spreadsheets and word processing gets feature rich on iOS, what else is there for macs?” Just the majority of content on the web, but hey what does that matter, that comes from out of the sky on a cloud of unicorn dust, doesn’t it?

  5. I replaced my aging iPad with a MacBook Air. What a wonderful feeling to be using a real computer that does not need apps to be useful. <— this guy must be a dangerous radical.

    1. You use a command line prompt? You write code? Good for you!!! You may actually be one of the FEW that computes anything. The day will soon be here that coding will routinely be written on an iOS device. My point still remains. The VAST majority of Mac users do zero computing and instead toil with a piece of garbage that does basic surfing and communicating very poorly. If there’s a backwards, convoluted way of doing something, the OS X team will go light years out of their way to do it that way. I was absolutely sold when I gave an iPad to an uneducated 45 year old COMPLETE computer illiterate. Within a week, they were doing MEANINGFUL tasks on an iPad. I’ve seen scores of people that were far more intelligent crash and burn on a “computer”.

  6. The usual advice:

    Get the device that performs the work you require with the least effort, the greatest power and the maximum efficiency.

    For me, that’s my MacBook Pro. But an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil is sweetness on the side.

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