Apple’s iPhone expected to outgrow Android 17.3% vs. 9.5% year-over-year

“IDC estimates the total number of smartphone shipments will hit 1.43 billion units for the year, which represents a growth of just 9.8 percent over last year,” David Murphy reports for PC Magazine.

“Android and iOS smartphones are expected to see year-to-year growth of 9.5 and 17.3 percent, respectively, whereas Windows Phones are on a 10.2 percent decline—which IDC attributes to a lack of OEM partner support for the devices,” Murphy reports. “Interest in the iPhone 6 and 6s prompted IDC to raise its shipment estimates for Apple’s smartphones.”

As shipment volumes continue to slow across many markets, consumers will be enticed by both affordable high-value handsets as well as various financing options on pricier models. Vendors will look to push device financing and trade-in options across many of the developed markets as growth in these markets is expected to primarily come from replacement purchases and second devices. Apple has taken the lead with its iPhone Upgrade Program, and several other vendors are expected to implement similar plans in the months ahead. —  IDC research manager Anthony Scarsella

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MacDailyNews Take: Soon iPhone will own 100% of the smartphone market’s profits.

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  1. Even if Apple reaches 100% of the profits, Wall Street will say the only way Apple can go is down and Apple’s share price will go down. I would hope Apple’s iPhone replacement plan will greatly benefit Apple holding current revenue but nothing more than that.

    Apple shareholders are facing a no-win situation as far as Wall Street is concerned. Apple is going to need to branch out into other industries to look for revenue growth. It appears everyone has put a cap on smartphone growth and are looking toward cloud services for unlimited growth. Apple should be able to manage both smartphones and cloud services if its rivals can do so.

    1. According to a recent IDC report  has about 13.9% of worldwide smartphone market share.  also has >90% profit share. So if ’s market share doubles, would profit share double to >180% ? 🖖😀⌚️

      1. Assuming that IDC is correct with the figures of Apple having 13.9% of worldwide market share and that makes up >90% of profits. That would mean 86.1% represent the <10% of the remainder of profits.. If Apple marketshare doubles and the profit is evenly distributed in the non-Apple marketshare, Apple would only gain an increase of about 1.4% to profit share.

    2. Apple is going to need to branch out into other industries to look for revenue growth.

      And of course, whenever a company starts buying up or branching out in to realms outside its expertise, it’s a real death knell. Apple is too smart for the loons of WallNut Street. It will stick to its expertise.

      Where I see some excellent potential for sensible branching out is in “The Internet of Things”, IoT, whereby Apple can do it right, as opposed to the plethora of security-challenged companies doing it horrifyingly wrong. Apple has already started in that area with its HomeKit and MedKit and ResearchKit. There’s A LOT more to come. – – And of course coke-addicted WallNut Street is too paranoid and hallucinatory to notice.

    1. considering iPhone already makes 90+% of cellphone profits any little bit of increase means big $$$.

      Meanwhile the android guys are starved for profits and can’t pay for R&D, to put out OS updates or do customers service and scrounge for substandard parts, look at even the (supposedly) ‘ top of the line’ Nexus phone, built by Huawei, it bends like a rotten twig as it uses cheap internal construction.

      1. The bend tests are getting kinda ridiculous being applied to phones that may rarely end up in pants pockets due to size. At this rate the next thing you’d see is bend tests on 7″ tablets..

        1. the tests prove how bad the internal construction of the Nexus phone is. The videos show clearly the cheap plastic dovetail joints used to hold the phone together.

  2. Sorry an unrelated question, but it shows how Apple is introducing products or software that are not ripe for release. I love Apple Music.Can someone explain to me why I can always access For You and other things but not New. New does not load on my iPhone most of the time. There are exceptions of course. As a result, I can’t listen to New music releases. Apple had all the resources in the world to do Apple Music right. But it bungled the whole thing. And this is the not the only thing under Tim Cook that was badly managed.

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