Should Apple buy Yahoo?

“It looks like Yahoo is considering selling its core business,” Jay Somaney writes for Forbes. “At least that’s what the chatter is today. The Board of Directors at Yahoo are going to be in meetings over the next few days to decide on whether a sale of everything at Yahoo (except its Alibaba stake, aka Aabaco) would make the most sense from a shareholder perspective.”

“Bob Peck, the internet analyst at SunTrust lists the following companies as potential buyers for Yahoo’s core internet business: Comcast, AT&T/DirecTv, Verizon/AOL, Disney, Newscorp and the larger P/E firms,” Somaney writes. “Peck estimates that the core business of Yahoo could bring in $6-$8 billion.”

“My wild idea? I think Apple should take out the entire company, core and Alibaba stake and the kitchen sink as well thrown in for good measure,” Somaney writes. “With the Alibaba stake, Apple could enter the Middle Kingdom in an even bigger way for all its various ecosystem initiatives not to mention all of its hardware. Who better to partner with in China than Alibaba which has the Chinese government as its godfather.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And then Marissa Mayer heads up Apple’s new Search initiative, taking on Google, which spurned her, for real this time?

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (photo: Art Streiber)
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (photo: Art Streiber)
Hey, we’re just spitballin’ here!

And, as an added bonus, Apple would have two legitimate, bright, very capable female CEOs in the executive suite should Tim Cook ever decide to ride off into the sunset. While that might cause some real issues, it also might not, seeing as Ahrendts is right around the same age as Cook (both are currently 55; she’s five months older). If Cook retired early, Ahrendts would be there to take over the reins and Mayer, who’s fifteen years younger, would be “on deck.”It’s always good to have backups, some sort of succession plan, at least implied, see the market’s reaction in the early days, months, and years after Steve Jobs’ cancer diagnosis was made public.

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  1. Yahoo can be duplicated with a couple million in R&D. They bring nothing to the table – much like AOL. Marissa will still be available after Yahoo collapses under their own weight – no need to buy the company to get the CEO. It was once a good company and had a lot to offer – before they were passed up by everyone else. If they vaporized tomorrow, only the current employees would suffer – everyone else would adjust and move on.

    1. MDN:And, as an added bonus, Apple would have two legitimate, bright, very capable female CEOs in the executive suite should Tim Cook ever decide to ride off into the sunset.

      Why is it useful to have female CEO candidates, specifically?

        1. As long as they are the best people for the job, fine. If they are not, skip over them and get someone else.

          I skipped over what was the not best when I bought Apple products, I expect the company to do the same.

  2. Yahoo as it stands and has for couple years is not Apples friend.
    And neither Marissa or Ahrendt are Apple ceo material.. Its a very naive thought.
    Still waiting to see what Ahrendt contribution to Apple is or has been ..?
    A very minor yet telling example about detail . Check the Applewatch online .. Check sport 360 views.. Check edition 360 views……..
    When one wants to check a certain color watch configuration.. The 360 should be the same configuration right ?

    Look at the watch launch. What happened? Ipad pro.. Same….
    Have u noticed anything new and exciting about Apple retail stores?
    Anything online that blows you away?
    Just wondering….

    I would not vote for either as CEO for Apple … Not unless they prove themselves drasiticly different down the line.

    Now Elon Musk is a complete different story… That i would jump in with headvover heels.

    1. You come across as a sexist moron.

      You should learn about Ahrendts’ and Mayer’s accomplishments.

      They are both more qualified than Cook was when he was made CEO.

      1. Lol.. Sexist.. Becouse they both happen to be women? If i objected towards men.. Would that be sexist too?
        I think its your mind that works that way .. Not mine..since u brought it up.
        I am merely trying to be objective friend ! It is just an IMHO

        As for their accomplishments .. Belive me u.. I have studied them.
        The problem here is that most dont seem to understand the differance between running The Apple juggernaut, its realm and what these ladies have accomplished.

        Please let me know what Andhert has accomplished at Apple so for that has impressed you to see her as CEO material?

        I am merely being objective .. Not sexist …

      2. @F2T2

        Completely agree that the OP is underestimating AA and MM’s accomplishments. Completely disagree that they are more qualified to run Apple now than Cook was when he was named CEO.

        1. I’m still shivering at the thought of Elon Musk as Apple CEO, I admire him a lot but recreating Apple in his own image as seems to be his forte in developing businesses just might see his high regard for his self image set to overdrive. If one man could destroy Apple in record time then he would be it. And you can bet he would shrug his shoulders, smile and call a news conference detailing his next big thing.

      3. Seriously? Cook joined Apple in 1998 as SVP of worldwide operations, and was instrumental in helping Jobs turn around the beleaguered company. He was promoted to COO in 2007, and Apple continued to grow. He was the logical choice as Job’s replacement. Whether he’s lived up to expectations is debatable, but to contend that he was not qualified to be CEO is unmitigated nonsense.

    2. I haven’t seen much out of either. I mean yes they have female genitals and that’s more important that anything these days, but performance wise? I mean is Ahrendt even at Apple? They might be secretly grooming her to be CEO, I dunno, but she’s a ghost. But Elon Musk, I agree. More than a little be of Steve Jobs-esq ego, intelligence, arrogance, and drive there.

      Peter Weyland is just not available yet.

    3. You make some good points, as I’ve been baffled as to why so many people are gaga over Ahrendts who has yet to show why she was hired. I mean when the AppleWatch debuted, why wasn’t she front and center detailing the new retail initiative? That’s clearly her responsibility.

      Having said that, why are you head over heels for Elon? He’s had some small successes, but his biggest problem is overpromising and under delivering. He is always late on his promises. That is practically a firing offense at Apple. A SuperCharger station in my neck of the woods has been promised for 2 years, according to their timeline, and it still hasn’t seen the light of day.

    4. I have not been impressed with the Apple Online store recently. It seems less comprehensive and harder to find information and specs than before. It feels less well organized, with less information, than I remember it to be a few years ago.

  3. No! Why would they want a torn name like Yahoo? It’s a relic of junk-infested wanna-be Google. It’s the MySpace of search engines. Apple would be far better off using its own search engine, or if they feel the need, buy yahoo simply to put a redirect on the top-level domain to whatever Apple’s new search engine might be.

  4. @MDN

    As you mentioned, Cook is only 55 and seems to be in great health, so a succession plan should mainly be there in case of an unforeseen event. I actually would prefer Phil S. as the “break glass in case of emergency ” CEO. The problem with Meyer is that she’s done nothing at Yahoo to show that she is the right choice for running a company like Apple. Having said that, I love the idea of Apple getting its hands on a search engine and dumping Google as the default SE in iOS. Having Meyer take on Google in a mobile search war (assuming she would lead the search division for Apple), would almost be worth the price of the acquisition. I think she’d be a good potential replacement for Eddy Cue in the long run. At the least, bringing her on board would put Cue’s team on notice, and that team needs waking up.

    1. Assuming she learns from her mistakes at Yahoo and doesn’t intend on repeating them.

      I’m a big believer in people who have learned from their mistakes. If you haven’t made any, then you haven’t learned much.

      1. What “mistakes” has she made at Yahoo? She was hired to turn the company around, a task that even Jobs would not be up to, because it’s hopeless. Yahoo is a relic of the late 20th century and is nothing more than a dated portal. Yahoo’s fatal mistake was rebuffing Microsoft’s offer of $44 billion for the company. Credit goes to Jerry Yang for that. It’s been all downhill since then. Meyer has made some interesting acquisitions (e.g., Tumblr) and collaborations (e.g., Yelp), which haven’t helped but haven’t hurt it either.

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