Apple’s iPad upgrade cycle is longer than most think, but eventually consumers will come back for more

“You’re probably familiar with the argument that Apple’s tablet business isn’t going so hot right now,” Evan Niu writes for The Motley Fool. “Unit sales have been steadily declining for a couple of years, leading to some pessimism and negative press. But the issue right now isn’t specific to Apple; it’s a categorical decline that we’re seeing. The broader tablet market is contracting, and the primary reason is that consumers haven’t yet voted with their wallets what an average upgrade cycle will be.”

“Investors now have more evidence that the tablet upgrade cycle is a little longer than you think,” Niu writes. “Earlier this month, right before the iPad Pro launched, Localytics released some estimates on the composition of the current iPad installed base. Localytics is a life-cycle engagement platform and looked at over 50 million iPads to derive its figures. According to Localytics, the iPad 2 remains the most popular iPad model out in the wild, representing 20% of all iPad models as of October 2015.”

“The encouraging thing here for Apple investors is that it’s incredibly unlikely that iPad owners will never upgrade their tablets again,” Niu writes. “It’s just taking a little bit longer than expected. But when those users are due for an upgrade, we know through history that they’re almost assured to buy another iPad as opposed to switching to another platform.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in July 2014:

iPads simply have a longer lifespan than some people expected. They are not smartphones. There is no driving need to replace them every 24 months or sooner. The length of the iPad replacement cycle is closer to a Mac’s than to an iPhone’s.

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