Did you see what Donald Trump tweeted about Apple?

“Editorials in The Washington Post and The New York Times today about Donald Trump’s black-on-white-homicide Tweet got me wondering whether he’d ever tweeted about Apple,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Fortune. “Turns out he had.”

“Two years before he announced he was running for president, Trump released a small tweetstorm about the iPhone,” P.E.D. reports. “It actually began on Facebook, in April 29, 2013, when he shared with his friends and followers that he was long Apple.”

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
I have a lot of @Apple stock—and I miss Steve Jobs. Tim Cook must immediately increase the size of the screen on the iPhone. It should be slightly larger than the Samsung screen—and they better get it right fast because they will lose a lot of business. I like the larger screen. — Donald Trump, April 29, 2013

P.E.D. reports, “He picked up the theme on Twitter, the platform he would later adopt as his favorite way to speak directly to, and get feedback from, the American voter.”

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MacDailyNews Note: With the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the flagship 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, Apple belatedly released larger sized iPhones on September 19, 2014 (and all-time sales records ensued).

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      1. Typical nonhomelysmitty… Did you ever stop to think how much time you (nonhomelysmitty) spend posting about Obama. It is almost like celebrity worship. He is in your head because you put him there, and that is just the funniest damn irony that I have come across in a long while.

      1. You can’t really blame him. If he had anything intelligent to say he would say that instead, but he doesn’t so we get trivial internet memes.

        Democrats: Raise taxes and spend, increase debt!
        Republicans: Lower taxes and spend, increase debt faster!

        For all Republican talk about debt limits, and cutting certain programs, their total spending goes up.

        Folk, political parties care about power for themselves, not good governance. They wave flags called “progressive” or “conservative” to pacify the weak minded but don’t operate by either set of principles.

          1. I did vote for Obama. But that is purely the fault of the Republican Party, which could not nominate a decent, electable Republican candidate in eight years!. Some interesting moderate Republican candidates sought the nomination. But the Republican Party was focused on the game called “I am more conservative than everyone else,” and those candidates were tossed to the side for McCain and Romney.

            And then, to add a dollop of stupidity icing, McCain picks Palin, the quitter, as a running mate in a terribly awkward and obvious attempt to appeal to women and add some folksy appeal to the silver spoon mannequin.

            You have no one but yourselves to blame for Obama. So, get your act together and select a candidate who is more moderate and loosen up your platform a bit. If a candidate has to meet the Republican checkbox litmus test to get the nomination, then you make them unelectable on the broader national stage.

            1. I’m not blaming “others.” Make no mistake about it – I am blaming you and other Republicans who lean way too far to the right to elect a more moderate candidate.

              It is instructive that you automatically assume I am a liberal because:
              1) I voted for Obama
              2) I dare to criticize the illogical Republican platform

              For your information, I have voted for a mix of Republicans and Democrats over the past 32 years. The fact that I and a majority of other voting Americans did not elect a Republican President should tell you something. Since the late 1990s, the Republican Party has nominated weak candidates and developed a platform and policies that are too rigid. I will not elect any candidate who does not have the freedom to think independently and exercise some flexibility in the art of effective compromise.

              Am I a liberal? In some respects yes. In other respects no. But I am a moderate and the extremists of both parties are the primary problem.

            2. Agree in that both parties are leaning toward their extreme sides. Problem there is the common sense logic lies in the middle of both parties. Extremists are bad in any party or religion.

            3. In addition, you can kiss my ass, hoffbegone. Thanks for two very long wars, a massive recession, incredibly excessive defense spending, Gitmo, the Patriot Act, and…oh yes, torture of prisoners via a technicality. Bush and his cronies managed to destroy America’s high ground with respect to human rights.

              What you think is extremely low on my give a damn list.

            4. Noted your post is chock full of revisionist Republican history and selective prosecution filled with half-truths that skew facts.

              Then again, facts never stood in the way of an anti-anything -Repubican RANT.

              To be fair, some of what you have noted rings true.

              That said, the vitriol in your follow up post? Name calling? Insults? Seriously? Wow, you really need professional help to tame that Dem/Lib/Prog HATE.

              Hope the sessions go well and when you get back from counseling and the doctor — here is your homework assignment:

              A detailed list with specifics how POTUS has failed the people of the world the last seven years.

              I k ow you have it in you.

              Option to use the same level of vitriol, or kinder/gentler, up to you — but you need BALANCE in evaluating politicians from both parties.

              The type of balance you protest to use in your stellar voting record.

              You may try to convince us you vote BALANCED, but sorry your posts paint an entirely different picture and give that away in a New York minute.

              Teacher is waiting.

            5. If you want balance, then just read the typical right-wing posts that are all too common on this forum. My leftist response is a counter to the rightist response that typically contain lib or library somewhere in them sandwiched with Obama, etc. I don’t need to provide a breakdown of the faults, real or perceived, on Obama and the Democratic Party because that occurs on a frequent basis on this forum. I am providing some balance. And, yes, I do get angry sometimes because I hear the same damn exaggerations and fabrications and sound bites over and over again. After a while it takes a toll on a person, especially on a forum about a freaking consumer electronics company!

              On a number of occasions in the past, I have pointed out flaws on the part of the Democrats and Obama. I feel no need to do that in this case because I was countering rightist propaganda. That is the balance.

              But you still fail to get it. It is extremist versus moderate that is the real issue. As another post above stated, in some respects the Democrats and Republicans are quite similar – they both spend too much (on different priorities). But it is the extremism in the parties that had led to gridlock and ineffectiveness in Congress.

              I have spent far too much time responding to the anonymous posters on this forum, including you, TeachLEFT (whatever that means). Get some balls and register so that we know who you are. Too many people on this forum post under a variety of names.

            6. Handsomesmitty, you don’t have a clue on life and you couldn’t string together a coherent series of sentences to save your life. Three sketchy sentences appears to be your limit.

              You are clearly the favorite type of voter for either side of the political spectrum — a voter whose viewpoint is fixed and requires little or no maintenance.

              You claim to want balance and want me to provide it (how typical!). Why don’t you and Fwhatever and kent and handsomesmitty provide some balance? There’s an idea. After years and years of relentless, incredibly one-sided posts on this forum, you provide some balance!

            7. Really? That’s all you’ve got? Someone lays out specific reasons which are 100% based on fact, and all you have to contribute is “typical lib response.” If it’s so typical and easily defeated as your tone suggests, where are your counter-points?

            8. Agree. I refused to vote for McCain, and so was pushed to Obama in the first term. Seeing how HORRIBLE Obama was and was going to be if allowed to destroy the country further I’d have voted for anyone short of Charles Manson running against Obama for the next term. I wasn’t crazy about Romney but he was the lesser of 2 evils. And I thought Obama might help diffuse racism proving ALL of us could elect a black president—in fact his influence has made race relations worse than ever. i’d rather have had some bad calls from Romney that were too far right based than Obama’s Ostrich method of global leadership giving ISIS room to spread like metastisized Cancer. I think Hillary will just be a continuation of Obama. Luckily Manson isn’t running so I don’t have to vote Democrat 🙂 Republicans will get my vote—no matter which one it ends up being.

            9. Let me get this straight…you are blaming Obama for worsening race relations in the U.S.?

              The only “contribution” that Obama has made to this situation is the fact that he is [half] black. That fact has infuriated bigots across the country and roused them to increasing displays of racial intolerance. The bigotry has always existed – it did not magically disappear with Rosa Parks or MLK or OJ or Obama. It was simply dragged into the public eye more at certain times in our history, examined, decried by many, and (hopefully) diminished a bit in the next generation.

              Give Trump credit…he effectively played on the one-issue voters of all varieties, including bigots, to get elected. In doing so, he once again exposed the ugly underbelly of this country that takes such pride in its Constitutional ideals, but so seldom seems to live up to them.

            10. There isn’t enough time in my day to type out what a horrible president Obama is. And yes I am blaming him for playing a role in ramping it up negative race relations with things he either neglected to step into and use his power to de-escalate when situations were ramping up, or things he said that only escalated an already difficult situation. And I voted for the idiot the 1st time.

            11. SO TRUE!! There is a logical middle between the Dems and the Republicans. But both are so damn focused on catering to the extremes of both parties that the majority of Americans are left with no one decent to vote for. What you described was one of the reasons I voted Obama the 1st term. I wasn’t thrilled about Romney the second time but after witnessing Obama in action there was no way I was going to vote for him a second time. Lesser of 2 evils was Romney. And I’d die before voting casting a vote to crown that clueless, careless, “what kick back is in it for me,” fool Hillary. I hope the Republicans have learned a lesson that they CAN win if they have someone that isn’t totally in the bag with the Religious Right. I think if Trump moves farther away from that (as I think he’d secretly like to) once he’s in office I think he will be even more popular and likely to be re-elected. Like when he said in a speech that Planned Parenthood provides a lot of good besides the negatives we’ve seen with abortion so why throw out the WHOLE program? Agree, that is the logical middle ground. And I am Pro-Choice. Which I believe Trump actually is too, but he had to play the game of the far right to get elected. Needed the votes of the whole party to win this very tough election.

  1. When both extremes, the left and right, hate him so much, then he’s my president.
    Trump is a champion of the American people..a true Patriot who sees his Country circling the drain and wants to FIGHT to save it. Finally a MAN with the guts and brains to kick Ass.

    1. Macdoctors, I’m not sure I share your favorable opinion about Trump, but he is certainly hated by the left and right, and that must be a good thing.

      What Trump does is say the obvious that the general public is thinking. Such as: the iPhone needs a bigger screen (no shit). Trump is also the anti-politician. That’s why he is so popular and will probably be elected President, unless some “accident” happens to him. The public is tired of constantly being lied to by professional politicians. Obama in 2008 said he was the opposite of W and then he doubled-down on all of Bush’s policies, from starting and continuing wars to eliminating the privacy of citizens.

      The citizens aren’t morons, they are simply tired of being shit on. That’s why Trump is so popular.

      1. “The public is tired of constantly being lied to by professional politicians.”

        Have you bothered to check all the fact checking sites? Trump routinely ranks as one of the worst when it comes to telling things like they really are. He routinely exaggerates or outright lies just to get attention. Carson is not that far behind.

        “What Trump does is say the obvious that the general public is thinking.” The problem is that the media does not routinely call Trump and others out for outright lying to the public. Then, because the lies are not openly exposed, the public starts to believe those baseless lies.

        How much media play did McCain’s setting the record straight that Obama is a Christian American (and not a Muslim Alien) get played by the media versus all the play that those claiming he was a Muslim Alien (the Birthers, etc.) got? It could easily bee 100 to 1 in favor of those screaming the Muslim Alien message.

        If every time one of the politicians flat out lied (or came so close to lying that their statement is indistinguishable from a lie) they got called on the carpet, we’d have very, very different political races — and the U.S. public *might* have some sense of what reality is.

        And just for those too lazy to check… of the front runners… Clinton on the Democrat side and Bush on the Republican side routinely have their statements check out more often than most of their same party opponents. Hate Clinton or hate Bush, it’s irrelevant when it comes to the fact checking. (And just as an example as side note: Clinton has been fact checked more than Trump, and still she fares better at telling the truth — no matter how the opposition tries to paint her in the media. Similarly, Bush has been fact checked more often than Carson, and he still fares better.)

        So who do you want to support? A candidate for your party that routinely lies or grossly exaggerates, or someone who more often tells it like it is?

  2. Donald Trump : I have a lot of Apple stock, I really mean a lot…not what most people consider a lot. I am talking a Trump load. Back in the days when you actually received paper stock certificates, they filled up my mansions. I never had to buy toilet paper – I just wiped my ass with Apple stock. But I didn’t want it to get stolen, so I built big walls around my mansions to keep the trash out…you know, the regular people, the kind of people who actually go bankrupt rather than coming out the other end with hundreds of millions of dollars. Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, I have a Trump load of stock and I know the right people. So you can bet that I will “know” when to sell it before regular folks so that I profit and they lose. And that’s OK because, after all, I am Donald Trump.

  3. How is it that a party like the GOP, which controls two houses of Congress, most of the State legislatures, and over half the governorships in the USA, can only field a group of terrible unelectables as their POTUS candidates? Honestly, the entire group of them are utterly dire, Trump being the worst of the bunch. Do they really have nobody else?

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