Apple’s ‘new’ Mac Pro is a joke; a plain and simple failure

“I think the ‘new’ Mac Pro (‘trashcan Mac’) is a joke; and it’s not just because calling a, once again, forgotten and near abandoned 2013 model ‘new’ in late 2015 is the kind of air-quote irony loved by techno hipsters,” John Kheit writes for The Mac Observer.

“While its trashcan form factor may work well for some (perhaps, as a new Mac mini pro, or maybe Mac Pro mini), it’s inadequate for traditional Mac creatives/professionals,” Kheit writes. “For real pros, it’s a plain and simple failure.”

“In fact, a lot of professional Mac users are still clutching to their aluminum tower ‘classic’ Mac Pros (‘cMP’). The latest 2010 and (meaninglessly bumped) 2012 cMP models are particularly coveted in forums like Mac Rumors‘ Mac Pro forums and holding on to their values well if you look around eBay or Other World Computing,” Kheit writes. “And for good reason. Those machines are just better than the trashcan Mac.”

Apple's all-new Mac Pro
Apple’s “all-new” Mac Pro

Much more, including how “Apple Needs to Reimagine a New and Improved Mac Pro,” in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The Mac Pro is revolutionary, but Apple could really stand to, you know, update the thing once and awhile. Not doing so makes it look like Apple regards professional Mac users as an afterthought.

Sometimes Apple, the world’s most profitable and most valuable company, still operates as if they only have five guys from NeXT working around the clock trying to do all the work on a shoestring budget. Can’t manage to have a compatible Remote app or Apple Music-capable Siri for the Apple TV launch, forcing most reviewers to harp on those two issues tarnishing the wonderful Siri Remote in the process. Can’t have enough Pencils and Keyboards for iPad Pro. Seriously? Can’t have any stock on hand for two months after the so-called the Apple Watch launch date. Can’t update their professional Mac for nearly two years and counting.

Why are these amateurish mistakes and lapses happening with startling regularity? You know, besides mismanagement? Or too much happening too quickly to ever manage to get a handle on things (which, by the way, actually falls under mismanagement, as well).

Oh, you say, but Apple is making tons of money! Why, yes, they certainly are!

Listen, let’s be honest, Steve Ballmer could’ve generated the same kind of money “running” Apple Inc. given the massive momentum Steve Jobs handed over at his death. Sometimes, in fact, it looks like Steve Ballmer is running Apple. Although, no, it doesn’t really, because even Ballmer would have updated the Mac Pro by now, made sure he had enough Apple Watches ready so as not to pretty much totally kill launch momentum, and also had enough Pencils and Keyboards on hand for the iPad Pro launch. Of course, Ballmer would have never had the handle on the big picture that Tim Cook has – our issues with launches under Cook have to do solely with launch supplies and software polish.

We’re coming up on two years now (this December 19th) since the Mac Pro debuted with no updates which, along with the rest of the string of snafus (going back to John Browett, Apple Maps, no iMacs for Christmas 2012, no iPad 2 units for launch, etc.), is what understandably prompts this sort of “joke” and “failure” talk and the feeling that Apple is a bit sloppy in recent years.

We hold Apple to a high standard and we expect the company to execute better than they have of late.

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  1. Come on!
    Get over yourselves already.
    It’s all going to be fine and worth the wait.
    Mac Pro is expandable.
    Tower Macs are a waste of power/volume ratios.
    The future is smaller and better, less is more.

  2. Employ these at NASA for TB of daily data crunches for 3D imaging, ranging, and altimetry data. Simply put: a super computer under your desk. Period. Nothing can touch it. If something else was better, PC, Linux, Unix, or Mac, we would buy them by the crate.

    1. Given NASA’s slim budgets these days, I’m not sure it is a good example for cutting edge workstation use.

      Want to know what runs circles around the Mac Pro?
      Let’s compare multicore 64-bit Geekbench 3 scores:

      1) Dell PowerEdge R920 — Geekbench 144424
      2) Supermicro X10DAx — Geekbench 97702
      3) NEC Express 5800 — Geekbench 93845
      Apple Mac Pro — Geekbench 32156

      In terms of raw computation horsepower, a stock Dell running Linux has 4.5 times the power of Apple’s best.

      But it doesn’t cost 4.5 times as much, and you can install PCI cards or upgrade GPUs easily.

      Apple fanboys, DO YOU GET IT YET ????

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