Apple car: Will it be more like BMW or General Motors?

“The big question about the rumored Apple car is not whether the company will build one,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “It’s how many it will build. That’s the assessment of a panel of Apple experts who spoke at the UBS Global Technology Conference last week in San Francisco. UBS analyst Steven Milunovich issued a transcript of the panel discussion on Monday.”

“Panelists Horace Dediu, fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute; Mark Gurman, senior editor of 9to5Mac; and Adam Lashinsky, assistant managing editor of Fortune magazine, agreed that Apple is indeed developing an electric car. That’s a given, they said,” Seitz reports. “Speculation should be over whether Apple, which has roughly $200 billion in cash and equivalents on its balance sheet, will produce a niche luxury car or will scale production for the mass market, Dediu said.”

Seitz reports, “‘The question ought to be just how many cars are they targeting to make? Are they intending to be a Tesla, which actually is a niche player, or are they intending to be 10 times bigger than that? Because that’s where you need to be to make a meaningful impact on the global market,’ Dediu said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in March:”When Apple enters markets, it’s because they can bring something(s) so unique to the table that significant disruption is inevitable.”

It goes without saying that Apple would create a premium vehicle, premium-priced for premium customers as usual, not a some low-end crate.MacDailyNews, September 21, 2015

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  1. I’m thinking Lexus or Acura. Solid design, slight premium over Toyota or Honda equivalent pricing. Not stupidly our of reach and worth every penny. Apple will offer a mid-volume vehicle, more than Tesla but less than Leaf. Not a silly design, like iMiev or Chevy Bolt.

    I’d like to see a partnership with Tesla that would gain Apple BEV access to the Tesla SuperCharger network. And a distribution scheme like Teslas, no dealerships, just factory direct ordering. Hope springs eternal.

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