46% have used their nose to interact with Apple Watch

“Although 30% of our respondents didn’t observe any Apple Watches around them during the last week, a little over a quarter of our panel has seen at least three or more… we are assuming that the more Apple Watches you see around you, the more likely you might be interested to get one,” Bernard Desarnauts reports for Wristly. “While only 39% of the panel respondents noted an increase in the number of Apple Watches they sighted compared to about a month ago, this is still a notable number.”

“As is somewhat common wisdom, triggering positive emotions is one key to creating lasting consumer value for any new product or service,” Desarnauts reports. “We were quite curious to assess what type of emotion or reaction our panelists felt when encountering fellow Apple Watch owners. The results are very telling in our opinion. Only 9% of the respondents stated that they didn’t feel anything special in the occasion. Contrast this to 18% feeling compelled to trying to make contact with the other person and a whopping 73% claiming a positive feeling of seeing others adopting the product too. 89% of our panelists responded that they have had at least one other person inquire about their Apple Watch in the last month or so and a third several times a week. Clearly there is a lot of consumer curiosity around the product!”

In an email to MacDailyNews, Wristly stated that “46% have used their nose to interact with Apple Watch.”

MacDailyNews Take: So have we! We’ve all used the tips of our noses to interact with Apple Watch. When your hands are full and a notification pops up on your Apple Watch, the tip of your nose is the natural choice to dismiss or even to quickly reply to a message, for example.

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MacDailyNews Take: As for seeing more Apple Watches, have you been seeing more in the wild? After protracted and, frankly, momentum-kiling supply issues, we have lately begun to see more Apple Watches on people’s wrists. We are still often questioned about our Apple Watches by people who notice them. The No. 1 question? “Do you like it?” (Why, yes, yes we do!)


  1. In an IT department of about 300 or so, I know 3 of us have the watch but that may be 4 or 5 as I don’t see some a lot. In public, I’ve noticed two people with one on at dinner (One guy seemed far more obsessed with the watch than with his date – RUDE!) and a handful of people using Apple Watch for Apple Pay. Honestly, the number of places that take Apple Pay is low but rising here at year-end, but when using the watch to pay, I get more people’s attention than any other time. It is entertaining seeing both the watch function and the fascination from others.

    1. I use my nose for the time when I’m cooking too. Just yesterday.

      Seen a few customers come into work with watches – one a girl.
      One lady at church (*GASP* 😱) Has one – and multiple bands.

      But other than the three in our family and the bosses wife which I ordered, I’ve probably only seen 6-10 in the wild.

      I was tracking my dominos pizza last weekend and I showed the dominos workers and they were like, “wut”. I was stoked about the idea of tracking my pizza progress on my watch and those plebeians ruined the whole moment.

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