Apple’s core: Dissecting the company’s new ‘spaceship’ headquarters

“Two years after Apple got the green light to build a 175-acre campus on Hewlett-Packard’s hallowed former grounds in Cupertino, Calif., the ‘spaceship’ has (nearly) landed,” Katia Savchuk reports for Forbes.

“Designed by Foster + Partners — helmed by legendary British architect Norman Foster — the project will be complete in late 2016 at a reported cost of $5 billion,” Savchuk reports. “No less an aesthete than the late Steve Jobs deemed it ‘the best office building in the world.'”

See the drone’s eye view graphic here.

MacDailyNews Note: One of the latest drone videos:


  1. However the video is terrible. It jumps around so much you can’t really get a cohesive picture of the place. It doesn’t even make one loop around the place. Unfortunate.

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