Apple TV flaws that Apple should fix fast

“I’m enjoying the Apple TV, but there are a few problems Apple needs to address,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Developers have been working for months to create apps in time for the release of the Apple set-top box, but their hard work is being undermined by poor app discoverability. The only way you’ll find an app is if it is listed on the front pages of the App Store section,” Evans writes. “f it isn’t there then you must search for apps by name. Apple is offering sales charts for US Apple TV users, but they aren’t available everywhere. There are no genre-based listings.”

“Developers are unhappy about this. Long-term Apple developer, Pangea Software’s Brian Greenstone wrote: ‘I just worked my ass off for the last two months getting five games ready for launch day,’ he said on Apple’s Developer forums. ‘And now I see that there’s absolutely no way to discover the apps unless a user explicitly searches for it. This is such a slap in the face to all of the developers who have been working so hard,'” Evans writes. “Greenstone’s not one of those self-publicizing developers out to make a buck by slamming Apple or sharing the company’s secrets. I think Apple owes him rapid improvement to app discovery – even a Web-based interface you could explore while watching TV would help.”

Six more more Apple TV flaws that Apple should fix fast here.

MacDailyNews Take: In some spots, it’s almost as if nobody at Apple actually tried to really use the new Apple TV. It’s really inexplicable – unless the product was rushed out the door by higher ups, before it was truly ready for prime time. Very un-Apple-esque. Perhaps Apple needed to get this on the market for Christmas, no matter what, in order to generate some leverage to get content providers onboard for their over-the-top skinny bundle(s)? Hopefully they can issue tvOS updates very rapidly.

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  1. Whatever the problems, and assuming they are solved (not a guaranteed thing these days) Apple TV matters not at all until I can order up individual programs or at least a series from wherever. Otherwise I am just as well off staying with Dish network even if they could possibly have built a worse program search system. But without programming that many of us want, not a chance. At this point, nowhere near enough choice to make me do anything different.

  2. Things they need to fix:
    1. Siri support for Apple Music
    2. Better app finding. Genres, Top charts, basically what it looks like on the phone.
    3. More apps. Even though this is a developer issue, apple needs to give them a hell of a lot of incentive so we can see more than whats there now.
    4. Update Apple Remote app to work with ATV 4.
    5. More touch commands on the remote. There are a lot of swipes i was thinking would work, and it didn’t.
    6. Apple Music is also a little broken, like i never saw an option to play a playlist unless you shuffled it.
    7. When searching for a movie/tv show, include your home sharing library as well.
    I am disappointed in this because we all know they have been working on this well over 2 years. we all thought the hang up was cause of the content providers….but when using the apple tv it seems it might have been the OS.

  3. Toslink audio connections are fading away, its all HDMI audio now.. Which is mandatory if your connecting it to a TV or display.

    Course if you still tied to a surround system that does not have HDMI audio. (they are getting very affordable) you can always run a toslink cable back from the TV set (if it as one)

    it would be far easier to join the current part of the 21st century than to whine and moan about the lack of a Toslink port, and you might wind up with better sound & Video overall..

    1. I’m talking here about using the AppleTV for music. Not audio through the TV. For best quality audio, external DACs still use toslink or coaxial. Then couple that to a good stereo amp. Surround sound and receivers is another story, and fine for watching movies.

  4. I just connected my new AppleTv and it is a minor improvement over existing device. The remote is nice but I found the touch panel to be very unreliable. I get no response or it goes fast and misses my target. I hope I get used to it.

    I tried to see if I can use Apple Remote App and my new ATV does not even show in the list of ATVs within the app.

    1. Unfortunately the ‘salesmen’ have decided that its not a minor price hike.

      If they really wanted to be in it for the market share they would have brought the 32GB version in at the old price and not run on the out of date puck.

    2. Check the Settings. You can speed up or slow down the remote responsiveness. I know. That doesn’t save you the hour that you can’t use the thing when you leave the remote in the kitchen and forget you left it there like I did over the weekend but maybe it’s a small help.

  5. A man calls over his waiter and says, “There’s a mouse in my soup.” The waiter takes it out of his soup. The man says, “I’m to eating that soup!” The waiter replies, “You don’t want your soup with the mouse. You don’t want your soup without the mouse.” The new Apple TV is a vast improvement over the old one. It has an App store. The App store experience is not great. It will get great and Pangea will make a lot of money.

  6. I wish the trolls and whiners would STFU and either stop buying Apple products and then blaming Tim Cook or Jony, or show a little common sense and patience. Tech 2015. Bigger than ever, never perfect, quickly evolving.

  7. The inability to see and buy other episodes in a series upon finishing the one you are watching is particularly inexplicable and so un Apple too. It’s clearly an obvious option and what’s more if they bothered to watch the BBC iPlayer they would have seen how it can work. Someone is simply not coming their job properly. Yes it will be sorted but seriously how can a function like this not be there from day 1 by a company as the author states wants, indeed needs to sell you more programming.

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