One month with the Apple iPhone 6s Plus: Smartphone usage without compromise

“I blew past the return period for my Apple iPhone 6s Plus and then spent time testing a few more of the best 10 smartphones,” Matthew Miller writes for ZDNet. “My SIM always kept going back into one device and after more than a month I can say there is very little I don’t like about my iPhone 6s Plus.”

“My one month with the iPhone 6 Plus was posted a year ago last week and everything I listed there remains valid for the 6s Plus. Even better, Apple fixed one thing I didn’t like while the other remains the same,” Miller writes. “In addition to what I listed last year (large display, metal and glass design, cameras, long battery life, Touch ID, email, and apps), here are more reasons I like using the iPhone 6s Plus:”

• 3D Touch
• Live Photos
• Hey Siri
• Microsoft and Google support
• Apple Watch

“Last year, there was no companion smartwatch for the iPhone and having owned one for the last several months has convinced me its the best Apple product I’ve ever purchased,” Miller writes. ” I expected a version one product to have bugs, issues, and limited usefulness. That’s not the case and the partnership between the Apple Watch and iPhone 6s Plus is awesome.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch owners get it and iPhone 6s Plus is indeed matchless (Like Miller, we want much thinner bezels for the next iPhone, too).


  1. The best part about every new iPhone is that not only does it include new features, but all of the old ones too. Once Apple sets a bar, they’ll only ever exceed it. I love these features and am so glad they’ll be in every new iPhone forward.

      1. I think the navigation in iTunes is perfect right now, it’s more refined than ever before. If you disagree then that’s probably because you went through the settings and turned the old side bar back on and made it more cumbersome than it needed to be.

        It’s simple. Select which media you want to work with (the list of which is customizable and you can remove ones you don’t care about or reorder them to your liking), then from the center you can change over between the store and your own content. How is this bad in any way? It’s the best design I’ve seen in iTunes.

        If you think you can build something better within a single app, I challenge you to build a mockup website and prove it.

        If you use iTunes as intended, rather than re-enabling antiquated unnecessary and inefficient navigation features for the sake of familiarity, then it is much easier to understand.

        Sorry for the rant, I’m just tied of hearing all the Anti-iTunes-UI comments when I happen to entirely disagree and feel it couldn’t be much better than it is today.

  2. My 6s Plus has a distinctly different feel than the 6 Plus. More substantial and sleeker. With the 6, the size of the thing was the overwhelming feature that I loved. Maybe I just got used to it and took the great feel of the handset for granted but the 6s is just VERY different in a really nice way. Also, to me, it seems heavier and I like that. I’ve never really appreciated any phone – 3GS, 4s, 5 and 6 included.

  3. I was finally forced to get a new phone because my beloved iPhone 5 wore out after three years. I wasn’t about to spend good money on old technology or non-Apple garbage, so I got an iPhone 6s that arrived today.

    It has good points, but I can already tell that I am going to HATE being unable to use it to type one-handed. I can’t reliably reach the “A” key. I almost always type “S” instead, and I almost always hit “Switch Keyboard” instead of the number shift key. After just a few hours with the thing, my right thumb joints hurt like hell just from trying to reach over there. Likewise, I can’t reach the upper left corner (where a lot of apps have vital controls) while gripping the phone securely. That also means that I can’t safely dial the phone if the number includes a 1!

    Clearly, I am going to have to hold the thing in my left hand so I can use my index finger as the stylus that Steve Jobs hated. That means that I won’t be able to use the phone while I am doing something else that requires using either hand. I can’t use my iPhone to get directions, weather reports, or anything else if I am walking—which I do for at least an hour or two each day—while carrying anything. That includes my dogs’ leashes when I am walking them (in a park—I never use it when there is traffic about). Likewise, I won’t be able to double-task while stirring a pot in the kitchen. That may not mean much to y’all, but for me it is a huge and utterly avoidable annoyance.

    Back in the days before iPhone 6, I supported all you guys who wanted a big screen. Having choices is good, I argued. I would still argue that, only now it is me who is getting screwed because Apple has chosen to restrict its choices. If I wanted something that required two hands to operate, I’d have bought an iPad mini.

    Nice phone, but terrible ergonomics for someone with smallish hands.

  4. I was aware of the alleged workaround.

    On most apps, it just slides the bottom three rows of the keyboard out of sight. How does that help me reach the “A” and shift keys? Or the back arrow in Safari?

    Some apps I use require repeated taps of an arrow or other button in the upper left corner. To hit the back button 3 times with the “workaround” requires 6 extra taps, a lot of thumb flexing, an appreciable delay, and extra wear to my home button (the part that always wears out first on my iPhones).

    Using two hands for everything does not fit my use case, and I don’t think I’m alone—my hands really aren’t that much smaller than average and I don’t have arthritis. Until I wore it out, my iPhone 5 just worked. This thing is going to be a constant annoyance (though not as much as old tech or non-Apple garbage). I would trade with my wife for her iPhone 5s, but she would have the same problem and the 6s wouldn’t fit the phone pocket in her handbag.

    I don’t think I’ll be thanking you later.

    1. You could try using your voice to perform certain command, to type certain things in. You could try holding your iPhone horizontally in the palm of your hand while the screen is locked to vertical so you can more easily reach the keyboard. Maybe you need home made thumb extension of some kind. You can buy this stuff for the tips of your gloves to make any glove finger tip capacitive touch friendly so it works with touch screens. All but the first idea is kinda crazy but they would all work to solve your problem. You probably won’t thank me later but you might.

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