Older people are more likely to pay for Apple Music

“So far, older listeners are the most likely to stick with Apple Music, according to new research by consumer technology research firm Jackdaw Research. The firm surveyed 500 iPhone users about their listening habits through a service called MicroHero,” Ashley Rodriguez reports for Quartz. “Among Apple Music users under the age of 35, 62% of those asked about the status of their subscriptions said they had already cancelled. Meanwhile, 67% of respondents ages 35 and up said they are now paying subscriber”

“Young people, on the other hand, gravitate more toward ‘free,’ ad-supported services like YouTube and Spotify,” Rodriguez reports. “More than 70% of Spotify listeners are under the age of 35, research firm eMarketer reported in May. The majority of active users, 55 million, stream music on the ad-supported tier that doesn’t cost any money… ‘Younger people are more highly tolerant of ads,’ said Dawson. ‘They’re also more tolerant about having to hunt for things.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: In other words, things that cost money skew towards those with disposable income. Stunning.

The record labels should smarten up and demand fair payment for supplying content to services that offer free tiers which will kill those tiers with great immediacy. — MacDailyNews Take, October 8, 2015

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