Jim Cramer: Apple stock good to own, not trade

“Shares of Apple have been stuck in a rut, down 2% over the past month and 14% over the past three months,” Bret Kenwell reports for TheStreet.

“Even when analysts defend the stock and reiterate their bullish stance, the share price doesn’t move higher, said TheStreet’s Jim Cramer, co-manager of the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio, said on CNBC’s ‘Mad Dash’ segment,” Kenwell reports. “This trend concerns Cramer but he is not changing his long-held stance that Apple is ‘a good one to own, not trade.'”

“Apple stock has a low valuation, Cramer insisted,” Kenwell reports. “It seems like investors are selling it in order to raise capital for other investment opportunities but shares will likely to regain momentum at some point — athough it could be a few more months before that happens, Cramer noted.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple dividends are the gift that keep on giving.


  1. Cramer knows only too well that his old Hedge Fund mates are having to pull funds from Apple inc. to cover their huge losses in Oil, while Apple inc. stick to their trajectory of innovating the best products on the planet, opening more and more bricks and mortar stores around the world and delivering dividends to patient investors.

  2. MacDailyNews Take: Apple dividends are the gift that keep on giving.

    The more you invest, the more shares you accumulate, the bigger the position you have, the bigger the dividend.

  3. Apple investors are holding apple long and Apple keeps putting one foot in front of the other for them, advancing a tremendous distance over the long haul. Traders meanwhile engage in the fancy footwork, dancing around the room, and usually end up going nowhere. Hedgers, and fractional traders are in the business of creating FUD, and the associated volatility, and then preying on the traditional traders, who are dancing around with varying levels of skill.

    1. I agree. Except I call them Speculators and not Traders. Traders is too nice a term for sharks that would apply kill the Golden Goose for 20% of the next and last egg. 🙁

      Investors like Apple and want it to keep going. Just saying.

  4. Investors are selling Apple to buy Amazon, Google and Microsoft. They know they’re going to see share gains from those companies which aren’t being constantly manipulated. All three of those companies are seeing gains while Apple is losing or should I say Apple shareholders are losing. It just seems ridiculous how Microsoft is going to hit $50 while Apple goes nowhere. Microsoft’s fundamentals look like a mess if that actually matters as a standard anymore.

    1. Surely what you’re really saying is that Amazon, Google and Microsoft are bubbles that will inevitably burst?

      If the fundamentals of a company are not good for the future, it makes no sense to shovel money into those shares. At some point real life will have to kick in and people will lose money on such unwise speculation.

      Apple’s fundamentals are excellent and it’s future is excellent ( when viewed from everywhere outside of Wall Street ), so there is very little prospect of AAPL crashing, unless it’s brought down in a general crash along with all the others, but even then it will rebound faster because it has those strong fundamentals.

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