More than half of Apple’s iOS device users are already running iOS 9

“The majority of iOS device owners have upgraded to the latest version of the operating system, according to a new report from third-party analysts Localytics,” David Nield reports for Digital Trends.

“The final public version of Apple’s mobile OS was pushed out to the world almost exactly a month ago on September 16,” Nield reports. “Localytics says the figure stands at 55 percent, with adoption rates faster than those for iOS 8 but still way behind iOS 7. In the last two weeks, the analytics firm says, adoption has slowed significantly — perhaps indicating that a lot of users are waiting for the early bugs to get ironed out.”

Nield reports, “Localytics, which studied data from around 50 million iOS devices to come up with its figures, says adoption has been slowest in China, where only 36 percent of users have upgraded. Germany is top of the pile, with 64 percent of users in that country installing the new software (the figure for the U.S. stands at 57 percent).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Adoption rates about which the poor souls in Fragmandroidland, the realm of insecure, the derivative, the ignorant, and the privacy-challenged, can only dream.

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  1. It’s not that simple.

    I upgraded my iPad 3 Mini two days ago, after waiting for the IOS9 jailbreak to appear and work.

    I am still waiting for MyFi, a WiFi hotspot tethering app for jailbroken iPhones, before upgrading my 5S.

    1. I’ve been using the built-in “Personal Hotspot” wifi tethering for the past three years, almost since it was introduced (if I remember correctly, in iOS 7). I can’t think of a reason why I would want to jailbreak my phone so that I could use that MyFi (or whatever it is named) tethering app.

      Most operators no longer charge special fees for feathering anyway, it is par of the plan.

    1. I agree. Also,
      “In the last two weeks, the analytics firm says, adoption has slowed significantly — perhaps indicating that a lot of users are waiting for the early bugs to get ironed out.””
      As we all know, most analytics firms are totally stupid or sold out to large companies to “find data” that supports what ever the big guys want. That makes them more “advertising” than “analytics”

      Just saying.

  2. I’ve upgraded my wife’s 6 and my 6 Plus with very stable and fast results, but I still need to do her iPad. I don’t have a boatload of apps on mine, so others who do may have a different experience. And, I’m definitely not one of those clowns who just have to jailbreak their phone and then whine when things don’t go the way they planned.

  3. I’ve always been an early adopter. The only time I’ve ever been bitten was iOS 8.0.1 which rendered my iPhone unable to make calls. A restore and downgrade to 8.0 fixed that. Keep your iOS devices and Macs backed up, and you’re better able to deal with upgrade problems. Since I’m obsessive about backing up, I’m safe to upgrade right away.

  4. So perhaps the other half did not upgrade because the upgrade failed?
    I am unable to upgrade my iPad without losing all of my data.
    Others seem to be having similar issues…

      1. Seems it has something to do with the data on the iPad.
        I can upgrade the iPad. But I am unable to restore a backup previously created with 8.4.1. It will either end up in one of these states
        a) reboot loop
        b) iPad no longer appears in iTunes
        c) App Store not working

        None of these options is acceptable.
        I was however able to restore the backup on 8.4.1 while this was still possible. So the backup data really is OK.
        It also happens with both local or iCloud backup.
        In the discussions there is quite a number of users struggling with the same problem.

        1. Had a similar problem on my iPhone 5. Got corrupt data on the phone and pictures showed there, just blank. Could not delete the “blank” pictures.

          Could not get rid of the problem with out resetting the phone which would delete my other items. Had to export one item at a time then did a reset and restore. Finally got a function phone back. It sucked.

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