Apple’s iPhone market shares triples to double-digits in South Korea

“Since the iPhone 6 Plus launched last year, Apple Inc. has been gaining on Samsung Electronics in the latter’s home market of South Korea,” Jennifer Booton reports for MarketWatch.

“Apple racked up a double-digit share of the country’s smartphone market for the first time this summer, tripling year-over-year to 14% in July as more users of Google Inc.’s Android operating system made the switch to iOS, according to data released Thursday by Counterpoint Research,” Booton reports. “This has been “mostly at the expense of Samsung,” whose share of the total South Korean smartphone market stood still at 59% in July, according to Counterpoint director Tom Kang.”

“Apple’s share in South Korea, where users have long been accustomed to the Samsung Galaxy Note phablets and other larger-screen Galaxy phones, has been gaining ever since the launch of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s first large-screen iPhone, Kang said. Its share gain was most prominent right after the iPhone 6 Plus launched, growing sevenfold in the fourth quarter of 2014,” Booton reports. “While the growth rate has since slowed, Kang said he believes there’s still room for Apple to grow there as the “iPhone ecosystem effect” — the idea that Apple’s interconnected operating systems and devices keep users within the Apple brand — begins to take hold. ‘Mature smartphone users (mostly Android) have started to upgrade to Apple iPhones,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Even on Samsung’s home turf, smart users know to choose the real thing over cheap imitations.

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  1. I guess they like security and fast processors too. The finger print scanner is great. Not only is it easy, it keeps pig pockets from seeing what you’re typing or swiping. I think the only reason Samsung put a finger print scanner that LG proved would not work was to make people believe no finger print scanner would work.

    Last year I read how the larger screens are easier for Asian alphabets. ( I’m sure there is a better term because there are several languages in Aisa). This helps explain the rise in popularity.

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