Apple looks to increase iTunes Match limit to 100,000 tracks by year end

“Just ahead of the launch of Apple Music in late June, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue took to Twitter to reveal that Apple was ‘working to’ increase the limit for iTunes Match libraries and Apple Music’s similar scan-and-match feature from the current 25,000 tracks to 100,000 tracks for iOS 9,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors. “The arrival of iOS 9 last month did not come with a corresponding increase for the library matching limits.”

MacRumors asked Cue for an update on the limit increase, and he tells us Apple is ‘definitely working on it’ and that he expects it will be released ‘before the end of the year,'” Slivka reports. “The scan-and-match functionality has been limited to libraries of 25,000 tracks since iTunes Match debuted in 2011, although tracks purchased from the iTunes Store do not count toward this limit.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Better a bit late than never!


  1. Those who have more than 25K tracks and thus can’t use the iTunes Match subscription they’ve already paid for should have their subscription extended, at least from the iOS 9 rollout date.

    1. Why would someone pay for an iTunes Match subscription that they can’t use due to having 25K songs. It says right there when ordering that there’s a limit and if someone skipped that, the first thing that pops up after ordering is that the library can’t be used due to being over 25K. Why wouldn’t someone at that point just ask for a refund?

  2. Last week I subscribed to iTunes Match. What a nightmare! My music collection (8,000) never ended synchronizing with iCloud. I tried eight times in three days. I got in touch with Apple support. Wow! What a decent, patient, educated people there. But they couldn’t make my library sync with iTunes Match.
    Apple refunded my payment. What a waste of weekend!
    iTunes App Mess X iTunes Match Mess = Mess^2

    1. I am about done with iTunes as a music organizer. If they don’t show improvements instead of pizzaz, it’ll be relegated as a back-up player.

      Audirvana+ and Roon have already taken over my home music scene. Oddly enough, Tidal HiFi is about to kick iTunes Match to the curb.

      1. I just want iTunes 9 back (I’d still be using it if I wasn’t forced to upgrade in order to sync my iPhone 5S). It was the last version that actually worked and was a pleasure to use.

  3. For a friend of mine 20K songs, we did it on steps
    We created a new library, and moved artists in groups, and collections at the end
    it was controlled load, and he got to review important records as they uploaded and gained metadata, his classic collection (he said kept his data)
    At the end, he merged his playlists, and counts
    I have 55K and have been using
    IT STILL NEEDS FAMILY subscription, I use to share itunes for apps & music, but individual for everything else, with music, I gave each family member independence,
    I have been holding back, for the limit and need to have family sharing of MATCH, (now that they use there own account)

  4. I must have the most modest library ever. I’m just picky with music. I have less than 4k of Comercial music. For all the years I’ve purchased. 45, Vinyl Albums to CD. Now digital through iTunes. Mostly old stuff now available digitally. I’m amazed people actually have 100,000 music tracks. Must have cost a fortune to buy that many songs.

    1. I have over 100K and I’m not bragging. I know people with way more than me. I’ve been collecting music since the 1970s. I’ve been a DJ and music reviewer (which provided me with free music). I’ve also worked in music marketing (again, more free music). There are also a lot of free (and legal) resources for music online (mostly indie stuff).

      Still, yes, it’s been a lot of money that I’ve spent over the years.

      The Apple ecosystem just totally blows me away though. I’m currently driving through the south of France. Yesterday the perfect song popped into my head. It was an obscure song, but I had it as part of the 25K subset of songs I have in Match. Then I just let Apple Music take over from there. All streaming via my iPhone while it was helping me navigate through Provence… Occasionally stopping for photos.

    1. No, as I understand it, your number only applies to music you added from sources other than iTunes Music Store.

      Matter of fact, you don’t even need Match for those iTunes songs, as they can be told to automatically download to other devices.

  5. If only Apple would make the matching actually match. And I’m not just referring to ensuring songs mare matched to an artist’s correct CD. I mean matching the right artist to the right artist. When I used this a couple years ago it was a disaster. I hope they fix the matching accuracy in the future because it’s a great concept.

  6. I will not be auto-renewing my subscription until Apple increase the limit. My subscription expires in a week. I surpassed the 25k song limit earlier this year and it’s been really problematic. It’s really pathetic that Apple haven’t been able to increase the limit all these years.

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