Apple’s cool new Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad 2, and Magic Mouse 2 rethink how we interact with computers

“Apple updated its line of iMacs today. They’ve been updating them for 17 years now, constantly making them bigger, faster, and generally better. This year’s model is no different: Faster processors thanks to Intel’s new Skylake chips, improved graphics performance, and Fusion Drive hybrid storage for everyone,” David Pierce writes for Wired. “But if you look closely — and you really do have to look closely — you’ll see a screen more lifelike than anything Mac users have seen before, and cool new accessories that rethink how we’ll interact with computers.”

“Apple has, for the first time in a long time, redesigned and re-thought its keyboard, trackpad, and mouse,” Pierce writes. “They’re all called Magic now: Magic Keyboard ($99), Magic Trackpad 2 ($129), Magic Mouse 2 ($79). The keyboard felt most different to me, if only because I’ve been using an Apple Wireless Keyboard for the better part of a decade… There’s a lot less wobble on the keys, and they don’t travel nearly as far. It’s not as drastic a change as the new MacBook’s super-shallow keys, but I miss the satisfactory thwack of the old keyboard. I’ve already found I make fewer mistakes on this one, though—it’s just way harder to errantly register the edge of the key next to the one you were looking for.”

Apple's all-new Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad 2, and Magic Mouse 2
Apple’s all-new Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad 2, and Magic Mouse 2

“Just like the old Magic Trackpad, the Magic Trackpad 2 comes in a near-identical profile to the keyboard. They look nice as a set. This trackpad is white all over, and much larger than the last model. And most importantly, it now supports Force Touch gestures. It doesn’t click at all, instead using haptic feedback to make it feel like it’s clicking at multiple levels of pressure,” Pierce writes. “It’s the exact same tech as the MacBook Pro’s new trackpads, Apple says, just lifted out of the palmrest and placed on your desk. (The Magic Mouse doesn’t support Force Touch, oddly enough; Apple says it’s thinking about whether it makes sense on a mouse, but hasn’t changed anything other than making the mouse a little smoother to maneuver.)”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We can’t wait to festoon our desktop Macs with these new Magic peripherals!

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  1. I am still waiting for Apple to do a wireless version of the full-size keyboard with numeric keypad. Seems so obvious yet, they’ve never done it, don’t know why?

      1. I waited for so long for Apple to come out with a wireless keyboard with a number pad. I gave up waiting and went with a Logitech solar rechargable K750. It’s not bluetooth so had to give up a port to the dingle-dongle, but at least I have all the keys I need.

    1. Not only a wireless extended keyboard, but one that includes LED backlighting for those who work in low-light environments. Very common for those who want more accurate on-screen color. With the added advantage that the black keys wouldn’t get so dirty. Hell, a simple change in appearance would allow Apple to sell many more to existing customers. I would have liked to see the iMac get a facelift as well. Maybe a similar look to the Cinema Display with a black bezel all around.

  2. Overall I like em. I’m not a huge fan of the magic mouse due to its sharp edges, but I use the wireless keyboard daily. I must say, I think Apple did a great thing…but missed the boat on what could have been an amazing thing… Both the keyboard and the mouse have lightning ports, but as I’m hearing can’t be used while plugged in…it’s just for recharging. They should have put the lightning port on the mouse at the front and made them work while plugged in…making them wired and wireless keyboards…user picks.

  3. Guess Apple won’t be releasing an extended Bluetooth keyboard with black keys and LED backlighting.
    The existing wireless keyboard sucks and this isn’t any better. All the designers, photographers and videographers I know want the extra function and numeric keypad found on the extended keyboard.

  4. New Keyboard- $30 price increase, no fingerprint reader and no battery compartment.
    No Thanks.
    New Mouse- No battery compartment.
    No Thanks.
    New Trackpad- No Battery compartment and no Fingerprint reader.
    No Thanks.

    Apple took my Eikon USB fingerprint reader out of the picture when they bought AuthenTec and broke the software with no update. That was 2 generations of OS X ago.

    The devices are no better, but they cost more and can no longer use rechargeable batteries.

    Why would I want a wireless device with a cable?

      1. He said nothing about forcing Apple to make keyboards etc. that fit his requirements. He said he wouldn’t buy the ones they did make. Pretty sure that’s how capitalism works.

        Hey MDN, why doesn’t your poll include an option for “None of the Above”?

  5. If I could, I’d buy a keyboard with 3 rows of Fkeys and a trackball with 10 keys. Leave it to Apple to design accessories for people who use nothing but fuckin Facebook and Safari.

    1. Aha:

      All three new accessories have Lightning ports, both for charging and for connecting to your computer. They’re all made to be used wirelessly via Bluetooth, but they’ll now pair with your computer the instant you plug in the Lightning cable. It takes about a half-second, and then pairs and connects wirelessly just like any other Bluetooth controller. It’s sort of a brilliant hack: Apple seems to assume that if you own an iMac you probably also own an iOS device, and if you own an iOS device you probably have a Lightning cable handy. I managed to pair all three peripherals to my own machine and then again with the new iMac (they come pre-paired in the box) in about ten seconds. All three will charge in a couple of hours, Apple says, and a single charge will last more than a month.

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