Wired reviews Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus: ‘absurdly fast; crazy fast; this one feels different’

“Wverything that feels obvious now, once didn’t. This goes double for smartphones: All the pinch-to-zoom, touch-friendly interactions we now take for granted and marvel at a two-year-old’s ability to figure it out, didn’t always seem so natural. In 2007, when Apple released the first iPhone, everything about it seemed crazy,” David Pierce writes for Wired. “What’s most powerful about the iPhone 6s is that it’s showing off the first big interaction change since multitouch. That’s not bravado, at least not just bravado — it’s fact. Few of these features are brand-new to Apple, but Apple has proven over and over that it can turn the industry’s rudder like no other company. If what Apple says goes, then everyone else’s phones are about to change. When you boil it all the way down, they’re becoming easier to use with one hand—or no hands. That’s how big screens stop being compromises, and start being the only choice that makes any sense.”

“The new paradigm is partly about 3D Touch, the new pressure-sensitive display and corresponding software. Right now, 3D Touch means a couple of very specific things,” Pierce writes. “The tech that powers 3D Touch is incredibly powerful, and has the potential to genuinely change the way we think about our apps and phones… “Press harder” isn’t the only new way to use your iPhone, though. There’s also Siri, which is finally almost sort of a little bit kind of useful, and is very much the centerpiece of the iPhone’s experience. Everything complicated you want to do—search in Apple Music, look up the weather, text somebody—is just easier to do with Siri now.”

“The iPhone 6s Plus is absurdly fast. The 6 wasn’t slow — no decent smartphone has been slow since a few years ago — but this one feels different The A9 processor helps, and probably will even more once developers start optimizing for it, but the iPhone’s RAM upgrade makes a huge difference right away,” Pierce writes. “Apps open faster, they switch and resume and refresh faster, and they work faster. The new super-graphical multitasking window pops up instantly. Games look better, too, because the Metal developer tools are pretty metal. You get it: It’s fast. Crazy fast… For my money, the 6s Plus is the way to go… this is the best iPhone ever.”

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  1. I’ve been pondering why they made the phone so damn fast… I bet there’s even more to it! However, the resale game, this phone will last more than a year and Apple is betting that it will too… In a year this phone will still be damn fast, and in 2 years after 2 iOS updates and new phones, it will still be usable. There is a huge market for used iPhones.

    1. I just upgraded to a 5s and that feels fast coming from a 4s. Got the wife a 6 Plus to help with middle age vision and she is very happy. can’t imagine the 6s’s.

    2. 64bit has a lot to do with it. Something no one really talks about because Android is far behind. It’s not just they were over a year behind with an OS that could support it, it’s not easy to upgrade applications. Google could not use JavaScript this time so they had created a new language. (You can still use Objective C with 64bit iOS)

      Another thing Android has people fooled on is the removable storage. You can only use what’s in the phones memory not the micro SD card. It takes time to switch the data. It also make it extremely easy to steal your data but that’s a different topic.

      The motion chip helps too by taking away some of the CPUs constant work. Some Androids also have this.

      The large GPU and Metal makes the graphics fast. An Android phone may have a bigger screen with more pixels but it’s not that useful when the phone can’t keep up.

      People love to talk about how Apple was so far behind in the screen size. What they won’t say is that Apple spent their time on what makes the large screen better first. Screen size was the easy part. Speed is something Android is far behind on. Notice when they do speed tests they use an Android gaming device thats barely a phone to match the iPhones speed.

  2. Got one for my wife – space grey 128GB. It’s crazy good. I’ve still got a 5, and in comparison, it’s not in the same genetic code. Amazing how far the iPhone has come. I really want one for the first time – work normally provides them for us but I may just pay for my own here.

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