Updated Mac Pro’s at Apple October special event?

“Apple does everything it its own time, on its own schedule, and for the past 4 years has held an October special event to announce major Mac enhancements,” E. Werner Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “I expect this year to be no different.”

“Remember, October is a special month for Apple as it is the beginning of its fiscal year,” Reschke writes. “Starting the year strong is important for any company.”

“What is most certain is that Apple will fix its notebook lineup. The MacBook Air is old and out of place in the new world of retina displays and Force Touch trackpads,” Reschke writes. “Something must be done, and will be done. When we turn the calendar to November you can bet the Apple notebook line up will be much cleaner and easy to understand. Whatever Apple does, their notebook lineup will make sense once again… [As for the Mac Pro], expect something to happen at this October’s special event. An update to CPU and GPUs as well as a minor downward adjustment in price to help spark sales.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’d certainly love to see some new Mac goodness later this month!

Unless you just bought a new MacBook Air or Mac Pro, who wouldn’t?


    1. How about real Pro MacPros?

      I need to the option of 2-4 nVidia Tesla GPUs for scientific computing, which are much faster and have more RAM than Apple’s limited non-standard GPU options. Can’t believe Apple abandoned scientists and engineers with their little can. Many of us stuck with Apple though its dark years.

      Its a very nice little machine, but pro shouldn’t mean “pro only if you don’t use the best cards”.

      1. There is more than one kind of pro. I know many Mac fans expect reverse loyalty, but I never did, instead making pragmatic purchasing decisions over the years—and that often meant Wintel contraptions. But in the last ten, my only requirement was that it ran Mathematica, and for that Mac Pros have been adequate. I feel for genome mappers and others with higher requirements, though, and I bleed especially for victims of abandonware…I still relive the trauma of being jilted by Canvas, lo these many years gone by. And Adobe lost my trust almost near the beginning. Some guys are rip smart and good-looking, but you can sense sleaze beneath the surface, so you forego a second date…

  1. why on earth would MDN repost this speculation fluff? there is zero reputable basis for its content and the headline itself is the kind of question built within question irresponsibility typical of non-journalistic click-bait.

    1. Because guys like me LOVE to read it and dream about shiny new Macs!

      Thanks MDN – as I type this on my Mid 2010 iMac I am sooooo drooling over the thought of a Skylake iMac with Thunderbolt3, up to 64 Gig or Ram, and the snappy new Hard Drive IO that makes the Macbook Pros SCREAM in HD tests. – YES PLEASE!

  2. I’d like to see some more announcements this year, but I wouldn’t expect anything on the Mac Pro yet (not a holiday sales item for most), and the iPod line was already recently ugraded (even though it was only new coats of paint). The iPhones and iPads are done for the year. And the Watch is likely to be on a 2-year cycle, at least.

    But I seem to recall hearing that there wasn’t an expected October event this year.

  3. Fingers crossed for a new 4K 21.5 inch iMac. My 20 inch iMac from late 2007 is still chugging along running El Capitan, but it is slow.

    Also, I wish they would give better HDD options on the Mac Mini. A 5400 RPM hard drive in 2015 is kind of insulting. I’d be happy with a 128 GB SSD for the $499 entry level Mac Mini.

  4. Something is needed between
    1-Mac mini with Vampire Video, soldered in memory and low grade mobile CPUs.
    2-Mac Mini Pro DBA- the Mac Pro with a $3k price tag, no internal storage, no ability to use standard tower cards.
    3-The overpriced iMac with it’s laptop CPUs and locked down hardware with severely limited to no ability to upgrade.

    Would it really hurt Apple to offer a mini tower with Quad-Core i7 CPU, standard graphic Card options, the ability to easily add memory and host multiple internal HDs for those of us who do not want a spaghetti down of cables or to put our stuff up on the cloud?

      1. Yet another apparently innocuous instance of Iris (the anti-Siri) toying with us humans as it surreptitiously expands its mind-twisting experiments with neurologic correlates in our internet communications, namely playing with our minds through apparent spell check “errors”. If this malevolent A.I. Iris had emotions it would laugh at our obliviousness to its manipul

    1. LOL? What do you mean “something is needed”? By whom? For whom? Just vote for Bernie and he’ll MAKE Apple do whatever you want. Government knows best, doesn’t it? Just ask the kulaks or the Indians for that matter.

    1. Or a 17″ MacBook Pro?

      Or a real Mac Pro workstation with comprehensive internal expansion options?

      Or a 30″ + 4K resolution display?

      Or a new Mac Mini ?

      So many holes in the Mac lineup, it’s hard to know where to begin. Product planners at Apple have been asleep for years. Instead of more powerful Macs we’ve gotten thinner slower internet appliances that have just enough power to dial up iCloud and that’s about it. High resolution photo and video? Forget about it, Apple is miles behind Wintel competitors.

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