New Google parent company Alphabet Inc. drops ‘Don’t Be Evil’ motto

“Alphabet, which took over as Google’s new holding company on Friday, has dropped the tech giant’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ mantra from its code of conduct,” Tanya Basu reports for TIME Magazine. “‘Don’t Be Evil’ had attracted its share of criticism for being ambiguous and potentially hypocritical.”

Basu reports, “Alphabet begins trading on Monday using their former avatar’s ticker symbols of GOOG and GOOGL.”

“Google, which will going forward be a subsidiary of Alphabet, is retaining the creedo however,” Basu reports. “Under the new arrangement, Alphabet subsidiaries will be able to adopt their own motions and codes to reflect their own cultures.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It should be changed companywide, including subsidiaries, to “Do Know Evil.” What else could be the verdict for a company that was blithely developing a BlackBerry clone until their CEO mole weaseled his way onto Apple Board of Directors and then dropped their plans and began to knock off the iPhone instead?

Google’s Android before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone


  1. “OK. In today’s meeting we are going to decide between continuing to use our slogan and being ‘potentially hypocritical’, or removing our slogan so we can DO evil without being accused of hypocrisy.

    “But – uhh – boss… ummm, what about NOT being slimy scuzzballs?”

    “Hahahahhahaha – good one.”

  2. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong…. but wasn’t one of the reasons Steve chose “Apple” for the name the company to be alphabetically at the ‘top’ of the list of traded stocks.
    If I’m correct, then isn’t this just another case of someone (google) trying to “out Apple” Apple? (Even though it’ll still trade under the google name…..)

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