Microsoft belatedly working on fix for Office bugs in OS X El Capitan

“Since OS X El Capitan was released to the public last week, Microsoft Office users have noticed some serious bugs when attempting to use the software,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “MacRumors has received multiple emails from people having issues with Office 2016, and there are several threads about the problem on our forums.”

“Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint are crashing for many Microsoft users who have installed Office 2016, and Office 2011 users are also noticing problems with Outlook,” Clover reports. “Microsoft is aware of the problems with its software and has been responding to customer complaints.”

Clover reports, “A Microsoft spokesperson has told MacRumors that a fix is in the works. ‘We know that some users of Office 2016 for Mac are experiencing issues as a result of upgrading to Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. We are actively working with Apple towards resolution.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Beleaguered Microsoft. Where incompetence runs rampant.

Even beleaguered Microsoft’s Office crash reporters crash despite their having access to OS X El Capitan developer, and even public, betas for months.

Microsoft’s Office 2016 crashes like a banshee on Apple’s OS X El Capitan – October 2, 2015
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  1. I still don’t understand why Microsoft doesn’t get out of the software business entirely and go into something else like micro brewery or similar. The worst they could do there is poison a few hipsters which is infinitely preferable to the suffering and misery they bestow daily on millions of computer users worldwide.

    1. Microsoft in the craft beer business–now that’s hilarious. I can just imagine their beer selection:

      Heave My Hefewisen
      Panther Piss Porter
      Spaghetti Code Stout
      Ignorant IPA
      Abysmal Amber
      Error Prone ESB

      Of course, Microsoft is already in the beer business. Their name is Budweiser.

  2. Wow, problems reported in ‘several threads’. O_o
    Before we go too far knocking M$ here how about asking PC users how iTunes runs on a PC, or maybe ask them what they think of the iCloud version of Pages.
    Let’s be honest, the fact that M$ had the stage in the month’s event at all is tangible proof that iWork is a freaking calamity, but it got me thinking. Maybe just maybe it’s deliberately bad so M$ will continue to support the Mac. Maybe just maybe Aperture was left to wither for the same reason (Adobe) and so on.

          1. Yes you might criticise the user experience of iTunes and yes its bloated but then so is Office to the point that for anyone who only uses it occasionally, even though for over 20 years, it is almost impossible to fathom unlike Apples equivalents. But the point is that iTunes at least for me never crashes and it syncs fine for me too whereas I can hardly remember a version of Word that hasn’t crashed on a regular basis the latest for me being obscurely when in some docs I dare to copy from it to paste into a real DTP program rather than the suedo one that MS tries to convince the gullible it is.

  3. Microsoft had access to El Cap betas. They themselves (as well as every Office Beta tester and El Cap user) had to know this by the time the first beta arrived.

    How could they not fix their software?

  4. Back when Apple introduced multiple desktops, the current Office version did not play well with it (if you switched desktops, parts of Office would switch with you when you didn’t want to, and sometimes parts didn’t switch when you wanted). There were multiple updates of Office and Mac OS X without a fix for it, when I checked out MS service pages. On there, they wrote they are aware of the bug, but claimed they couldn’t fix it due to the way Mac OS X works. (Meanwhile, every other software worked.)

    Folks, if you develop for a different platform, you have to follow the rules of that platform. You can’t blame the platform for your shortcomings.

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