Wristly: Average Apple Watch sells for $529, at top end of estimates

“Apple Inc’s new Watch sells for an average of $529, including accessories, at the high end of Wall Street estimates, according to findings by research firm Wristly,” Julia Love reports for Reuters. “The watch’s profitability has been hard to gauge because prices range from $350 for sport models to $17,000 for solid gold designs.”

“The figures provided to Reuters by Wristly, which surveyed more than 2,200 Apple Watch owners, sit at the high end of estimates from analysts, many of whom have pegged the gadget’s average selling price between $425 and $550,” Love reports. “The Wristly survey suggests some investors may have underestimated the timepiece’s profitability, founder Bernard Desarnauts said. ‘There is quite a positive uplift,’ he said.”

“Wristly’s research comes with a few caveats: The results only reflect buyers in North America, Europe and Oceania, and the panel skews to the wealthy,” Love reports. “But the company’s findings track closely with figures Apple has disclosed about how much owners wear the watch. And Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has publicly cited the firm’s findings about the Apple Watch’s high rates of customer satisfaction.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 5 million Apple Watch units to date, a conservative guess, at an ASP of $529 totals $2.645 billion. And this is before the holiday shopping season hits.


  1. Apple Watch sales will only accelerate, since customers are coming into Apple Stores more right now due to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus (the first new iPhones after Apple Watch launch). The release of WatchOS 2 also helps. And THEN holiday shopping season arrives. If the average Apple Watch sold is higher end than expected, that’s even better.

  2. That’s roughly what I paid. $400 for the Sports Watch plus 150 for a metal strap (about 2 months later).

    The key metric for increased sales will be availability. Getting it into stores like Target etc will be important and making sure it is available to buy right up to Christmas day.

  3. I think the new WATCH SPORT colors are a game changer. Both the Gold aluminum-Midnight Blue Band and Rose Gold aluminum-Stone Band are awesome improvements to the lowest cost models. While I bought the Space Gray-Back band model April 12, I would rather wear a Gold-Blue WATCH SPORT, even though I’d still wrap it in my Italian Black ActionProof Bumper with ArmorSuit Military Screen Shield.⌚️😜💥🔚

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