Microsoft to open five-level Fifth Avenue retail store next month

“Microsoft Corp.’s first Manhattan flagship store will open its doors on Fifth Avenue next month,” Keiko Morris reports for The Wall Street Journal. “The five-level store at 677 Fifth Ave. will open at noon on Oct. 26, according to a company blog post that also announced the opening date of a second flagship store in Sydney, Australia at Westfield Sydney on Pitt Street Mall on Nov. 12.”

“The two stores are the company’s largest to date with 22,269 square feet in the Fifth Avenue store and 6,000 square feet in the Sydney location,” Morris reports. “Microsoft’s New York City flagship will be located on Upper Fifth Avenue, known as a high-end retail destination for both tourists and locals. It is also several blocks south of Apple Inc.’s Fifth Avenue store.”

“Microsoft for several years has followed Apple Inc.’s lead by building up its own chain of retail stores to showcase a selection of products from Microsoft and its allies,” Morris reports. “The company doesn’t disclose sales at the Microsoft retail stores.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In related news, Cleo McDowell just announced plans to open a super-sized McDowell’s restaurant on North Lee Avenue in Des Plaines, Illinois.


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  1. Cracks me up when I see the new Microsloth store at our mega Mall. It’s built with about 1/3 of the actual square space depth available to a normal store there, so that the few tables they have are covered with products and can look more full if 6 people actually ever walk into it —which is about the usual amount of traffic. Meanwhile the Apple Store on the other side is wider, it’s square space for product display is FULL depth and traffic is about 50 to 100 people every time I’m in there.

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