A grab bag of software for the Apple Watch’s watchOS 2

“The Apple Watch that I wear generates a constant stream of questions from friends and strangers alike. One thing they always ask is whether the device is actually useful,” Kit Eaton writes for The New York Times. “I always answer yes — and that’s even more so now that Apple has released the first major upgrade of the watch’s operating system.”

“The upgrade, which Apple calls watchOS 2, had its debut last week,” Eaton writes. “The refreshed operating system adds many more features to the watch and lets the device run its own apps without having to be tethered to an iPhone. There are some good apps to try.”

“The one I have been using most is Carrot Weather, a forecasting app with a sense of humor,” Eaton writes. “The app is simple but powerful, particularly if you enable the watch face ‘complication’ feature, which shows you Carrot’s weather predictions alongside the time on the watch face.”

“This next app helps me, as a journalist, with recording interviews. The program, Just Press Record, has a dedicated Watch edition that records the sounds it hears through the watch’s own microphone,” Eaton writes. “It’s quick to open, and you can start recording with a single tap. It even works if your watch is far from your phone — the files sync to the phone wirelessly when you are back in range.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We love Dark Sky for our Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad weather app. Its predictions of when it will rain, when the rain will stop, etc. are uncanny!


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