Apple Inc’s new rose gold iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus prove popular as record weekend sales expected

“The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus hit stores around the world on Friday, kicking off what is expected to be a record weekend of sales as customers scrambled to buy Apple Inc’s marquee product in pink for the first time,” Julia Love, Siddharth Cavale and Pauline Askin report for Reuters.

“For all the sophisticated technology packed into the new iPhones, customers interviewed by Reuters were most excited by a more low-tech feature: the ‘rose gold’ finish, a new shade that Apple introduced with the current phone,” Love, Cavale and Askin report. “The novel hue – essentially sparkling pink – accounted for more than a third of early in-store sales, according to FBR Capital Markets analyst Daniel Ives, citing conversations with buyers.”

“Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook made a surprise visit to company’s store in Georgetown, Washington, to raucous cheers from employees and shoppers,” Love, Cavale and Askin report. “Analysts expect 12 million to 13 million phones to fly off the shelves in the first weekend, up from more than 10 million last year when the launch of the hugely successful iPhone 6.”

“After a dramatic redesign last year, which included an enlarged screen and the addition of mobile payments, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus – which were first unveiled by Apple two weeks ago – boast more modest improvements,” Love, Cavale and Askin report. “Several reviewers have said that might not be compelling enough to persuade iPhone 6 users to upgrade.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Several reviewers who obviously are unqualified to review anything if they cannot grasp that 3D Touch is perhaps the greatest change to smartphones since the original iPhone was launched.

Name it as if it’s a mere iteration, and you invite that sort of stupidity, Apple.

Regardless of record sales, the reason for the only “boast more modest improvements” meme is the poor naming scheme that Apple should have dropped years ago.


  1. Dang, my Rose Gold preorder…. just isn’t happening fast enough. It’s as if, they had no clue how many to make.

    64GB RG 6S+, was hardest hit. And on top of that AT&T can’t get their act together. But at least they aren’t as bad as Best Buy

    1. What is in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

      If reviewers and analysts are so short sighted and ignorant to grasp the significance of all the new and significant updates to the new iPhone, it doesn’t matter what Apple names it. Some writers get, and some don’t. The 6S name is fine, so is the product. People are buying them in droves, so I don’t think Apple has much of problem with the name.

  2. Apple doesn’t want to use 2 digits numbers in their models. That is why the “S” naming. Also, the “S” determines the aparence like the iPhone 3 was almost exactly in aparence to the 3S, or the 4 to the 4S.
    Note also how the OS passed from version 9 to version “X”, a Roman representation of the “10”, but when the OS was about to became “XI”, they started using places in California to name the OS (even if internally it has a number version”.
    Apple hates complicated Neman like “Nokia 3220B” or “Sony wtx1000” and all those stupid names that became too difficult to recal.

  3. I suggest that the press would characterise the product as one of merely incremental improvement NO MATTER WHAT the name was, exactly because outwardly it looked the same as last year’s version! The press are either shallow or expect their readers are shallow, for the same reason that cars must look different each model year to keep up with the Joneses! It’s the first impression of a customer that keeps ’em around long enough to look under the hood.

  4. Apple came out with an Upgrade Program that was quite attractive to folks who would like a new phone every year. But they found a bank (Citizens Bank) that no one ever heard of. So people walk into the store with excellent credit score and get rejected, no reason assigned. I know one case where the person has such sterling credit score that he could into any car dealership and come out driving a 60,000 dollar car. This gentleman wasted half a day to be eventually told that he was not approved by Citizens Bank. The only reason this person could get rejection was his age. He is 75. So clearly Citizens Bank is engaged in age discrimination for a program that does not set any age limit. This is one more case that shows that no one is really in charge at Apple. Things are happening on auto pilot. This person is thinking of suing this bank and Apple. I think he should. Apple would have sold thousands more phones if they had arranged with a bank that treated people with respect.

  5. Not sure what the hype is about. My wife got the 6S Plus and its way bigger than my Note 5. It’s also smaller in screen size and the backlighting is nowhere near as good as the Samsung display. AMOLED have even backlights!

    The phone is bigger in every way and heavier and fatter too!

    I’d expect a blockbuster sales as they had more time for preorders and China and Japan added to the mix. Largest market should help Apple. If it doesn’t they are in trouble. I expect double the sales to be successful.

    It’s also a dated look.

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